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15+ Best Series Like Game of Thrones |Where to watch online!

Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows of all time, and production houses have been experimenting in creating the next GOT. Many fail while some get it right. Game of Thrones is loved for its intense plot, deep lore, strong and memorable characters. The greed for power, the politics, and tricks the ones in the power play to keep that position and the desperation of the ones with none. The intricate storytelling, violence, death, and graphic scenes are what really make GOT what it is now. Its rich drama and high stakes bring its audience to the edges of their seats.

This adult show has really risen bars for the shows in the future. People will compare Game of Thrones to every show with a similar concept for years to come. But, that’s a good thing, being compared to a legendary show that has garnered millions and millions of fans across the world is a compliment within itself. So, here are 15+ Series like The Game of Thrones that will grip you and hold you tight till you binge-watch the entirety of the show!

  • Vikings (2013-)
  • The Last Kingdom (2015-)
  • Outlander (2014-)
  • Arthdal Chronicles (2019-)
  • Rome (2005-2007)
  • Camelot (2011)
  • Once Upon A Time (2011-2018)
  • Castlevania (2017-)
  • Westworld (2016-)
  • The Expanse (2015-)
  • Black Sails (2014-2017)
  • Spartacus (2010-2013)
  • The Borgias (2011-2013)
  • The Tudors (2007-2010)
  • The Witcher (2019-)
Series Like Game of Thrones Got
Series Like Game of Thrones!

Table of Contents

Vikings (2013-)

Cast: Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Jessalyn Gilsig, Gustaf Skarsgard, and George Blagden.

Filmed in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, this series like Game of Thrones first premiered in 2013. Inspired by the medieval Norsemen of Scandinavia. The series follows the legendary stories of the Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok. His family, crew along with his descendants lay down the saga of Ragnarssona þáttr, an old Norse tale about Ragnar and his sons. These legendary stories are partially fictional tales based on stories written down 4 centuries after they take place.

Vikings Netflix
Vikings series on Netflix.

The adventures of Ragnar the greatest hero of his age. A story of him and his viking brothers as he rises to the status of the King of the Vikings. Along the way he faces crisis, family feuds, and foreign enemies. Lothbrok is clouded with his strong ambition to explore and acquire supremacy and lead his tribe to absolute glory. A legend has it that Ragnar is a descent of Odin himself, the Norse god of war. The first season begins at the very beginning of the Age of Vikings by the Lindisfarne raid in 793! Watch this series like Game of Thrones on Netflix!

Watch the trailer of Vikings:

Watch Vikings on Netflix:

The Last Kingdom (2015)

Cast: Alexander Dreymon, Tobias Santelmann, Emily Cox, Adrian Bower, ThomasW. Gabrielsson, Simon Kunz, Harry McEntire , and Rune Temte.

Based on the novels The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell, this series like Game of Thrones premiered in 2015. The story is set while Viking’s conquest of York. The seasons span over many years, following the story of the protagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg. England fell to the invasion of Danes leaving the once-great kingdom of Wessex all alone under the rule of King Alfred. With the backdrop of Uthred, son of a Saxon nobleman. Abducted by the Danes at a very young age he was raised as one of their own. With being brought up by the Danes his loyalties are tested when he is to choose between the country of his birth and the people who raised him.

Watch The Last Kingdom Netflix
Watch The Last Kingdom on Netflix

He questions his identity, was he a Dane or a Saxon? Uthred seeks to claim his birthright when he is challenged. His quest was a dangerous one, he must tread dangerous paths between two sides. With the goal of recapturing his ancestral land, he plays his part in the birth of a new nation. An action-packed political drama like the Game of Thrones that will get you addicted. The Last Kingdom is an enthralling series that sets the bar high with its production value and storytelling. Despite the lack of an extensive and in-depth plot like Game of Thrones. However, this show makes up for it with its epic battles and action sequences the picturesque shots. You will be hooked on its adrenaline-pumping action and intensity.

Watch the trailer of The Last Kingdom:

Watch the Last Kingdom on Netflix:

Outlander (2014)

Cast: Caitrione Balfe, Sam Heughan, Tobias Menzies, Graham McTavish, Grant O’Rourke, Stephen Walters, and Gary Lewis.

This historical drama series like Game of Thrones is based on the novels of the same name by the author Diana Gabaldon. The show first aired in 2014, revolving around Claire Randall, an ex-nurse in WW reunites with her husband, Frank after five years in the war, wanting to get to know each other again. But, things don’t go as planned when she finds herself in a different time. It all happens when Frank was researching his family history. They visit the ruins of an old castle, Frank is ecstatic when he finds letters of his late ancestors. Claire goes off to venture the site of the Druid worshippers, that’s when it happens. She is transported to the year 1743 in Scotland. There she crosses paths with the handsome warrior Jamie Fraser, Frank’s ancestor.

Watch Outlander Netflix
Watch Outlander on Netflix

Claire is accused of being an English spy, but her abilities as a doctor save her. Her abilities as a healer were a gift and a curse as people of the town grew more suspicious. She desperately finds a way to get back home, but finds herself deeply involved in the Jacobite rising. The first season is a quick binge of 16 episodes and the series, as of now, has 6 six seasons in store. A serious and unique adaptation of the novels. This period drama is fascinating and weird with elements of horror, adventure, magic, and romance. A truly well-rounded show!

Watch the trailer of Outlander:

Watch Outlander on Netflix:

Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

Cast: Jang Don-gun, Song Joong-ki, Kim Ji-Won, and Kim Ok-Vin

This south Korean series like The Game of Thrones is a fictional world where power, love, and struggles are the main themes of the show. Set in the mythical lands of Arth, an ancient city, its residents fight for power while some find for love among wars. This series follows the story of Eun-Seom, who goes through various obstacles to revive his tribe and learn his true origin. Eun-Seom was born with a curse, to bring downfall to the lands of Arthdal. meanwhile, Ta-gon is the leader, the war hero of the land. A genius strategist who triumphed over the enemies in their Great War.

Watch Arthdal Chronicles Netflix
Watch Arthdal Chronicles Netflix

But, his father was uneasy, threatened by his own son, San-ung wages a war against his own son. But, Ta-Gon came out the victor and becomes the most powerful person in all of Arthdal. With the fate to destroy, Eun-Seom’s struggles are parallel to Tan-Ya, the successor of the Wahan tribe. A story about mythical heroes, unity, love, war, struggles. The crossover of storylines, and the world-building is commendable. Despite being a fully original script without a novel as a foundation, the story is impressive! The only complaint fans had was the faulty CGI in some parts of the series, for ₩54 billion as its budget, the graphic were indeed underwhelming, but the characters and plot make up for it!

Watch the trailer of Arthdal Chronicles:

Watch Arthdal Chronicles on Netflix:

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Rome (2005-2007)

Cast: Kevin McKidd, Ray Stevenson, Ciaran Hinds, Kenneth Cranham, Polly Walker, James Purefoy, and Tobias Menzies.

A history lesson, this series chronicles the rule of Caeser from the perspective of two commoners. The tales of the rich and the ones who hold power, the story primarily focuses on the lives of Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. The two men are the fictional versions of the Roman soldiers mentioned in Caeser’s Commentarii de Bello Gallico. These soldiers witness and sometimes influence the series of historical events. However, a few stories are over-dramatic for the sake of entertainment. The first season follows the events of Julius Ceaser’s civil war of the year 49 BC. This civil war was against the Roman Senate and their traditional and conservative thinking. We see the rise and the fall of the great dictator of Rome, until his assassination.

Rome Series Online
Watch Rome Series Online on HotStar

The history-altering events and the early years of the Emporer Octavian or Augustus. An absolutely thrilling and gripping narration which is a great substitute to your history class. Most of us know history, but the depiction of the events really gave it a new feel. The viewpoint of the greatest rulers of Rome and the naive ones from two soldiers who were basically outsiders who knew nothing about the inner problems was very intriguing. It was learning history all over again, an extremely great show, it’s definitely worth the watch! There might be a few errors in the details of the characters, but it can be overlooked. This series like the game of thrones is very exciting and interesting!

Watch the trailer of Rome:

Watch Rome on Disney+ Hotstar:

Camelot (2011)

Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Jamie Campbell Bower, Eva Green, Tamsin Egerton, Claire Forlani, Peter Mooney, Clive Standen, and Philip Winchester.

This series like Game of Thrones is a historical fantasy drama show that first premiered in 2011. Set in late 5th century, and Britain is finally set free of the Roman rule after several decades. After the news of King Uther’s sudden death there’s chaos throughout Britain. A sorcerer named Merlin predicts a dark future ahead and puts a young boy Arthur on the King’s throne. Arthur is the unknown son of Uther, he was kept away from the palace. Raised as a commoner, Arthur moves into the Castle Camelot with Merlin and his allies. From the castle, he tries to rebuild and make a better Britain for everyone. He wishes to create a peaceful kingdom for him and his people.

Camelot Series Like Got
Watch Camelot series online on Watchseries

But, his half-sister intends to take the crown away from him. The secret here is Morgan might have something to do with her father’s death. She takes up Uther’s old castle with her loyal maids and plans to take Arthur down and rule as the ultimate successor of Britain. This high-production series has passable action scenes but the new take in this version will surely surprise people. The story and the characters do a great job at playing their roles and entertaining the audience!

Watch the trailer of Camelot:

Watch Camelot on Watchseries:

Once Upon A Time (2011-2018)

Cast: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Jared S. Gilmore, Raphael Sbarge, Jamie Dornan, and Eion Bailey.

Set in the fictional town of Maine, this series like Game thrones has fantastical elements. The residents are fairy tale characters that are sent to the real world after erasing their memories. The Evil Queen, Regina uses powerful dark curses to rob the poor residents of their memories. These people have lived their lives in complete oblivion, unknowing of their own agelessness and unchanging life. The only key to their freedom and memories is Emma Swan. She is the only daughter of Snow White, she is sent away to the real world before the curse was cast.

Once Upon A Time Series Like Got

She was very young then, but now she is the only person who can lift the curse off of the lands. Emma travels with her 10-year old son, Henry, and his Once Upon a Time book of fairy tales. That book holds the key to break the curse. The beautiful set of cast and the twist in the story brings a unique concept to life. The drama is quite whimsical and over-the-top in many ways, but it has its charms. With 7 seasons, then you will have a ton of content to binge if you’re into the show!

Watch the trailer of Once Upon A Time:

Watch Once Upon A Time on Netflix:

Castlevania (2017)

Voice Actors: Richard Armitage, James Callis, Graham McTavish, Alejandra Reynoso, Tony Amendola, Matt Frewer, and Theo James.

This is a series like The Game of Thrones where it’s power against power. An adult animated show based on a video game of the same name. This series was originally planned to be released as a film, the development and lore is deep. The first season follows Dracula, an extremely overpowered supernatural being. A smart woman comes knocking at his door to learn the immense treasure of knowledge he gathered over the years. The Dracula and doctor fall in love, marry, and live a happy life, until one day his wife is falsely accused of witchcraft. She burns on a stake while the people of the village rejoiced.

Castlevania Series Like Game of Thrones

He declares war on the people of Wallachia, and overruns them with demons from the depths of hell. However, that’s not all he wishes for, he wants to destroy the entirety of the human race that killed his wife. To combat the very end of civilization, the monster hunter Trevor Belmont, the magician Sypha Belnades and Dracula’s own son, Adrian team up to stop the madman. A thrilling animated series with great character development, lovable characters, and disgusting antagonists. It has it all, this adult anime series like Game of Thrones is full of action, love, struggles, and power.

Watch the trailer of Castlevania:

Watch Castlevania on Netflix:

Westworld (2016)

Cast: Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Luke Hemsworth, and Ed Harris.

This TV series like Game of Thrones is based on a 1973 film of the same name. Set in a dystopian sci-fi world, Westworld is an extremely popular show. The is about a fictional futuristic, Wild-West-themed amusement parks that are full of android hosts. The park satisfies its rich guests, a place where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies without the fear of any retaliation from these life-less hosts. These hosts’ programming is such that, no matter the circumstance, they cannot harm a human. In the year 2058, Delos Inc. owns and operates numerous theme parks. Each of the parks has its “hosts”, indistinguishable from human beings. The memories of the hosts are wiped after every cycle.

Westworld Series
Westworld Series

The first season follows Dr. Roberts invention, of sentient hosts. This series shows a mix of genres and big ideas and challenges some serious philosophical thoughts. A visually stunning show that includes a ton of violence, and unnerving scenes. The complex world and plotline do leave some disturbing scenes but that’s how it pulls you into the story. This intelligent and well-written story is a masterpiece.

Watch the trailer of Westworld:

Watch Westworld on Disney+ Hotstar:

The Expanse (2015)

Cast: Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Cas Anvar, Dominique Tipper, Wes Chatham, Paulo Costanzo, Florence Faivre, and Shawn Doyle.

This series like Game of Thrones is a science fiction based on novels of the same name. Set in a dystopian world where humanity has colonized the rest of the solar system. The story follows a band of anti-heroes where Chisjen Avasarala, Jospheus Miller, James Holden, and the rest of the crew that unravels and becomes the center of a massive conspiracy which threatens the balance between survival of the humanity and peace. On a mission to find a missing woman, they witness an unprovoked attack on ships. As the news spreads, the tensions between Earth and Mars increase and the crew sets out to find the root of the incident.

The Expanse Series

The series does a great job at mixing noir with detective elements. This whole premise makes it a visually thrilling experience. The cliffhangers and the beautifully technical camera work makes it much more pleasing. The production value is great but there’s quite a lot of information to take in, it helps to read the books for a better understanding of the extensive plot. This engrossing show will keep you hooked into the lore and characters!

Watch the trailer of The Expanse:

Watch The Expanse on Watchseries:

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Black Sails (2014-2017)

Cast: Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, Zach McGowan, Toby Schmitz, and Clara Paget.

A historical adventure series that acts an prequel to Robert Stevenson Louis’s novel Treasure Island. Set almost 2-3 years before the events of the Treasure Island. As they fight for survival, Captain Flint brings in a new young crew member for the New Providence Island. Featuring the real pirates including Anne Bonny, Benjamin Hornigold, Jack Rackham, Charles Vane, Ned Low, and Blackbeard. Following the pirates hunting the Spanish treasure Urca de Lima. Captain Flint is a ruthless maverick that unleashes war on England after pirates are declared ‘enemies of mankind’.

Black Sails Series
Black Sails Series

You might wonder, “is it like the Pirates of the Caribbean then?” not really, Black sails are much more mature that deals with the dark and complex themes of what is it like to be a pirate. We’ve grown up to see comic versions of pirates, but he show explores the grim side of pirates. This show has been praised by critics and the audience alike. It promises action and that, it delivers. This is definitely an adult show with graphic scenes that are not appropriate for kids. A well-written plot with riveting characters and violence that will give you the chills!

Watch the trailer of Black Sails:

Watch Black Sails on Starz:

Spartacus (2010-2013)

Cast: Andy Whitfield, Liam McIntyre, John Hannah, Lucy Lawless, Manu Bennett, Peter Mensah, Nick E. Tarabay, and Craig Parker.

This fictional series like The Game of Thrones is one of violence and power. Inspired by the historical figure Spartacus, an actual Thracian Gladiator in 73-71 BC. He led major salve uprisings against the Roman Republic rule. The show focuses on his events of early life leading up to his beginning as a hero. The Thracians serve as auxiliaries to the Roman legions against Getae, who plundered Thracian lands. The one who persuaded them, Glaber, turns on them. They feel betrayed and rebel. But, Spartacus is condemned to death, meanwhile his wife is condemned to slavery.

Spartacus Series Netflix
Spartacus Series Netflix

However, Spartacus was a formidable gladiator, he defeats his executioners. He easily becomes a crowd-favorite. His raw talent gets him Gladiator training and vows to find his wife when he succeeds. As the story develops, there’s betrayal of a man’s quest for vengeance. A dark and violent look into the life of a gladiator. A truly violent and R-rated show that isn’t for the squeamish. The series is well-written and the dialogue is interesting. But yes, it might be too graphic and gory for some.

Watch the trailer of Spartacus:

Watch Spartacus on Netflix:

The Borgias (2011-2013)

Cast: Jeremy Irons, Francois Arnaud, Holliday Grainger, Joanne Whalley, Lotte Verbeek, Sean Harris, and David Oakes.

This series like Game of Thrones follows the merciless and scandalous lives of the Borgias. The story of the most infamous criminal family in history. The Borgias used bribery and murder to intimidate their way to wealth and power. Set in the Renaissance era when the Borgia family was on the rise. It shows their struggles to keep that power once they get it. It all starts with Rodrigo Borgia winning the election through bribery and becoming Pope Alexander VI. Him and his family are thrown into the heart of dirty politics of the 15th century. This high position brings him enemies and has to try to control the whole of Italy.

The Borgias Series Online

With the help of his sons, murder, war, and several marriage alliances he shows his desperate grasp for power. With enemies plotting against him at every step, he uses diplomacy and his ruthless charms to have the ultimate power of the church. The intensity and intrigue might be too much for some to watch. However, for those who can stomach it, they savor it. This enthralling mini-series is deliberately paced in such a way that gives the viewers the tension of ‘what happens next?’ The concept of the show might e nothing original or fresh but the characters are extremely fascinating. The beauty of the show is in its details!

Watch the trailer of The Borgias:

Watch The Borgias on Watchseries:

The Tudors (2007-2010)

Cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Henry Cavill, Sam Neill, Callum Blue, Henry Czerny, Natalie Dormer, Maria Doyle Kennedy, and Nick Dunning.

This aeries like Game of Thrones is about political power. Primarily set in the 16 century England, the story follows the Tudor Dynasty, specifically King Henry VIII. The first season shows the reign of Henry VIII and his effectiveness as a king. When conflicts and political tension challenged him, what did he do? Thomas Wolsey plays a major role as his advisor. It was basically Wolsey ruling the kingdom ruthlessly from behind the throne while Henry followed his advice. He persuades Henry to keep France as an alliance and the two kings sign a pact of friendship. His need for a legitimate male heir promoted him to marry Queen Katherine of Argon.

The Tudors Series Online

However, he already has two illegitimate sons with his mistress Elizabeth. When he crosses paths with Anne, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, he seeks ways to get out of his marriage. But he receives major backlash from the church and the members of his royal court. He maneuvers through the series of plots against him while struggling with his personal life and reigning over Italy. Though it isn’t the best period drama out there, but the stunning details, solid acting and the entertaining plot makes it just as good as the next historical drama!

Watch the trailer of Tudors:

Watch The Tudors on Netflix:

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The Witcher (2019-)

Cast: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Eamon Farren, Anya Chalotra, Joey Batey, MyAnna Buring, Royce Pierreson, and Mimi Ndiweni.

This series like Game of Thrones is a fantasy, action-adventure drama based on a book series of the same name. Set in a medieval setting on “The Continent”, this series narrates the legend of Geralt of Rivia and Princess Ciri, linked to each other by destiny. It follows are three protagonists in different points across time exploring the events that shape them and eventually merge into one story line. Geralt, a lone monster hunter that struggles to find his place in the world. He always found monster and humans all the same. But, when he crosses paths with the Princess with a special gift and a sorceress they navigate through the continent towards their destiny.

The Witcher Series Netflix

Their paths intertwine in a rather interesting way. When a brutal vision of the entire kingdom is foretold, they must seek answers for an increasing volatile Continent. The dark humor and deep fantasy is enough to pull anyone in, but the character’s charisma and acting makes things more entertaining. The overlapping timelines and the multiple characters might confuse many but the chaos and the absurdness is what makes this show so addictive. For a massive production and scale, the story surprisingly only centers the three protagonists, and that’s one appealing factor among many.

Watch the trailer of The Witcher:

Watch The Witcher on Netflix:

Here you have it! The list of the best series like The Game of Thrones. These series are loved among fans are one of the most action-packed, violent and messed up TV shows! The game of Thrones is a legendary show, but these shows are no less. The plot, the strong characters, and the twisted thinking in these shows are mind-blowing! Did I miss any of your favorites? Mention your faves down below!

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