10 Quirky and best house party ideas you must know before your next party in 2023

Everyone knows that the house party is the ultimate social gathering. Unlike a club or bar, you can be in complete control – you choose the music, the guest list, the eats, and the closing time. But with great power comes great responsibility, and if you don’t approach house party planning properly, your next invitation may be deleted before it’s even read. Everyone likes to be a good host and throw a party no one wants to leave. While just the right amount of alcohol may facilitate that, make sure that your guests leave with it. We are here with some amazing house party activity ideas to make your party super fun. Have a look at these best house party ideas in India and have an amazing house party in 2023.

Here’s how you can make your next party of 2023 the talk of the town with Best house party ideas:

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Design the right menu

Fancy dishes generally create a mess, so prefer finger food that is easy to consume. Also, have a variety of drinks depending on your guest list. Beers are essential and so are whiskey, vodka, and rum. Basically, buy as much as you can. Designing the right menu for a house party can significantly enhance the overall experience for your guests. Balance is key; have a mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally, incorporating interactive elements like DIY cocktail stations or a make-your-own pizza bar can add a fun and engaging touch to your party, making it memorable for your guests.

Serve shots in syringes, and cocktails in coffee mugs

Jello Shots, also known as Jello Shooters, are one of the latest and hottest party drink trends. Basically, a Jello shot is a portion of Jello, everyone’s favourite gelatinous snack, with a portion of alcohol in it. It’s easy to see why Jello shots have become such a popular drinking trend at all kinds of parties. Not only are they cute, colourful, and involve two of everyone’s favourite things (alcohol and a sweet snack), but taking lots of Jello shots is a fun, neat, and inventive way to ingest a generous amount of booze (always drink responsibly!) without having to endure it’s painful, burning taste. Instead, they taste very sweet!

Pick a theme

Every epic party has a theme. The ritual of buying the costume drums up excitement and gets people ready to party, and the hilarious costumes your mates put on will provide endless conversation starters and really help bring the group together. A well-chosen theme sets the tone and guides your party planning decisions, from decorations to food and activities. It encourages guests to participate and dress accordingly, enhancing the sense of unity and excitement. You can put the party in different themes like a Bollywood theme with villains and vamps, like Hollywood and you also can make a theme which is on trending like Game of Thrones and Avengers, etc.

Make a party playlist

Of the utmost importance for a number of reasons – firstly, no one wants to stay at a party when the music is bad and the atmosphere is worse. Make a super long playlist the night before and stick it on just as your first guests arrive. If you’re feeling creative you can time the playlist so you have a few hours of chatting tunes, then some ragers to get everyone dancing, and then a final hour or two of more relaxed music to round things off. Allowing guests to contribute song requests or dedications can add a personal touch and make them feel involved in the party experience. With the right playlist, you can enhance the overall vibe of your house party and create lasting memories for everyone attending.


Dress code parties never go out of style. Get the crowd to enter the house only if they are dressed as the opposite gender. Men wear skirts and dresses and women dress in suits or other stuff men wear. Creating a safe space where individuals can freely express themselves without fear of judgment is essential. Remember, the key to making any house party the best is to prioritize the comfort, acceptance, and enjoyment of all attendees. Crossdressing at a house party can contribute to an inclusive and open-minded atmosphere, promoting acceptance and diversity among guests. It can challenge traditional gender norms, fostering a more progressive and understanding environment.

Get creative with wine glass maker

If you’re having a few couples over, maybe you don’t want to plan a huge party like it’s a special, milestone birthday – I get it. But having fun with little touches like wine charms/glass markers is easy and the perfect way to stay “on the theme”. I have a drawer full of charms but using name cards from Cards Against Humanity (or another card game) gets your guests involved and laughing before even starting. I’ll even bet at least half your guests start referring to each other by their card-given names throughout the night. I used a hole punch and some twine to tie on each; you could even tape them to the bottom of the glass.

Stay sober

This may sound like the worst bit, but it helps, believe us. Not only will you be in complete control, but will also be able to courteously see off your guests later in the night. You can also invite friends who are teetotallers, to help you with this. Staying sober allows you to be a responsible host or guest. You can monitor the atmosphere, assist others if needed, and handle any unexpected situations effectively. Being sober also sets a positive example for others, encouraging a respectful and controlled environment at the party. Ultimately, the best house parties are those where everyone can have a good time responsibly and safely. Staying sober promotes a fun atmosphere for everyone, making the party memorable for all the right reasons.

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Food and drink selection can make or break your party

We’ve all gone to parties to have a good time, which includes some great food and drinks. But then you don’t want your vegan guests to go hungry if there’s only meat on the menu. Likewise, some prefer whiskey, some gin, and some like both; so ensuring there’s ample choice for the guests is a good idea and you can get all of it delivered to you through Hipbar*. We also suggest that you hire a bartender for the night. Incorporating interactive elements like a DIY cocktail bar, make-your-own pizza station, or fondue fountain adds a fun and engaging touch. Guests can participate, creating a memorable and entertaining experience.

Match screenings, card games, movie screenings and more

There’s a lot to do at a house party besides empty banter. And that includes throwing in some interesting games, screening a live match or even a film. Including films or matches, screenings are especially helpful for friends who are introverts and aren’t big on communication. There should be something for everyone. Games provide entertainment and serve as a focal point, keeping guests engaged and preventing lulls in the party. They offer a fun way for guests to relax and enjoy themselves. With a variety of games, you cater to different interests and preferences. Whether it’s trivia, charades, card games, or board games, offering options ensures there’s something enjoyable for everyone

Plan your exit strategy

An exit strategy may sound like a tricky one when you’re hosting the party, but when the sun starts to come up and there are ‘friends of friends’ still on your couch in full party swing you’re gonna wish you had one. Try walking around the house brushing your teeth with your PJs on, or if that doesn’t work start, just playing the worst possible music imaginable – 90’s pop or hardcore metal should do the trick.

A wise man once said that a little party never killed anybody. So even if it might not be the festive time of the year, there’s never a bad reason to throw a nice house party. So from us to you, enjoy these ideas for throwing the most epic of house parties. These are some amazing house party activity ideas. Just don’t blame the mess/hangover/broken vase on us…

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