Going out on a date ? Don’t forget these Basic Etiquette and Manners for the First Date

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 Basic Etiquette and Manners for the First Date

Nowadays, dating has become a very ‘casual’ affair. We meet, exchange numbers, talk on the phone for a couple of days and then meet in about a week for a date. And then the date is a mere meeting. Our generation has forgotten what an actual date is and how to behave on one. According to us, true first date etiquette is all about putting your needs first in a way that has consideration and respect for the person sitting across from you.
Also, it’s very important to have table manners. This is one aspect which is often ignored in today’s ‘dating world’. We have some tips for you to ace that first date with some classic- old fashioned first date etiquettes and manners.

General Etiquette

• Punctuality!
This goes for both gentlemen and ladies but mostly for gentlemen. Make an effort to be on time. Ladies genuinely appreciate men who make it on time. Also if you’re running more than 10 minutes late then inform your date before they go in ‘I’ve been stood up’ zone!

• Put that phone away..!

It’s very important for your date to know that they have your undivided attention. Since you’re on a date, your friends know where you are and you don’t need to reply to their texts right away. It’s very indecent and disrespectful to use your phone constantly when you’re with them.

• The eye- game.

This is a game-changer. How would you feel if you’re talking to someone and instead of looking at you they’re looking here and there? It is essential to have eye contact. It shows that you’re really interested in what they’re saying and also it often leads to a different level of intimacy.

• Dress nicely!

Money does not buy dressing sense. If you are looking for some cheap alternatives to Gucci and Prada you can go for some Indian brands. Here is a List of Indian Brands Which are Cheaper and of High Quality that You Should know about. Dressing up nicely makes your first impression, not only on dates but in general life too. You can make your own fashion statement with some simple clothing. Dressing up nicely gives a hint to the other person that you’ve actually taken efforts to dress up for them. It also speaks for your personality for you utter a word from your mouth.

Table Manners

• Before you sit! Pull the chair for the lady before you sit. It’s a sign of a true gentleman. Make it a point guys, it’ll be your best friend for life.

• Never put your elbows on the table. It’s considered Disrespectful.

• Chew slowly and don’t speak with your mouth full.

• Wait for your date to begin eating first. Don’t hog on the meal!

• Make sure your glass is on your left, knife on right and fork on left.

• Never lose your place before your date is done with their meal.

• Offer to pay the bill. And ladies if you’re not comfortable them paying the bill, then suggest getting some dessert or cocktail from a different venue.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to do it in the classy way as it was done before and is actually done!

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