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Don’t Follow Fitness Youtubers for your exercise regime! Here is why you should give it a thought once again!

Don’t Follow Fitness Youtubers for your exercise regime! Here is why you should give it a thought once again!

Workout, whether morning or evening boosts our energy and rejuvenates our body cells! But, doing our exercise wrong can have an exactly opposite effect.

Whether you love to do yoga or a high-intensity cardio workout, whether you follow muscle training or just do light floor exercises, everything needs a little effort from your side so that you get the postures right.

Sometimes, even after following our gym trainers, we don’t get the postures right and end up hurting our body. So, how can you expect to follow a video and get the exercises correct? A penny for your thought here-

While exercising has infinite benefits, wrong exercises bring lifetime injuries. A right exercise makes your pains fade away and a wrong posture invites new pains. Following a correct regime with a little concentration makes you stronger and healthier, but a 15 minute YouTube video which may have been shot in hours, can make you seriously sick!

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Fact Check-80% of your fitness depends on your diet, 20% on your exercise!

Do they tell you what they eat in a day? Even if they do, can you follow the exact same diet and then do the exercises which are recommended in the gym workout videos? So here is the thing, the videos on the internet are meant to teach people about postures. But what if you land up in trouble while doing the same? Well, we would say, don’t ignore your minor backaches you get after following the fitness youtube video as they are calling vulnerable injuries your way!

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Here is a list of things which can happen on doing your exercises wrong

• It can call a back strain which can turn into a lifelong injury
• Excessively straining your leg muscles can pull or tear the hamstring and can cause a painful injury
• Exercising for a long time without refueling yourself can strain your muscles a big time

How to recover after a tough workout
How to recover after a tough workout

• Pushing yourself too hard without doing the cardio or following a warm-up routine can cause dilation or stretching of the heart chambers.
• Doing your exercises in an inappropriate way can cause sleeplessness.
• Joint injuries are very common amongst the people who work out blindly
• In women, it can cause disruptions in the menstrual cycles which can also lead to infertility
• Studies have shown that people can slowly die if they do the exercises wrong

To all  Women out here, here is How You can have good health (Basics )

We recommend-

• Keep yourself hydrated during the workouts
• Start with at least a 15-minute workout session
• Stretch well before and after the workout

• Take a high in protein diet
• Give yourself breaks and refuel with some protein bytes if necessary
• Don’t push yourself too hard
• Ask your trainer again and again until you get the posture right

It’s important that we must realize the fact that the professionals out there sharing gym workout videos are into their schedule from a long time. They have been doing it for years!!. A person should not try to do the same exercises in their initial phase of workouts. If you are a beginner, you must ensure to seek proper guidance from a coach or a trainer in your gym. A point worth mentioning here is don’t follow your coach blindly as well. Research over the internet for pro’s and con’s and ask questions to your trainers to get a better understanding.

Also, you can look forward to training programs by various gym trainers who have knowledge and understanding. It’s better to have a personalized trainer who will help you out during your workout and one who suggests you the type of workout your body requires. Not everybody has the same body type.

So just don’t just blindly follow a YouTube Video with a lot of strange workout sessions! Sort the right videos, follow the recommended tips, and then do your workout. 

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