15 Best Ramdev Baba Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

Top 10 Superfoods for Weight Loss
Top 10 Superfoods for Weight Loss

These days people are becoming more and more diet conscious and like to focus on weight loss to keep themselves fit. It is assumed that yoga can help shed pounds of weight to achieve your goal. Yoga helps in burning calories and also maintains mental peace which helps you in better decision-making. It helps you stay away from anxiety issues and focus on your day-to-day life. In India, Ramdev Baba has become synonymous with yoga and weight loss. Baba Ramdev is an Indian yoga guru, businessman and brand ambassador for Patanjali Ayurved. He is a Global Ambassador for Yoga and has contributed significantly to making people aware of Yoga.

Best way to gain flexibility: The best way to gain flexibility is yoga. Weightlifting ensures strengthening but does not give flexibility. The human muscular system is phenomenal; muscles can be enhanced by strengthening them and making them ultra-flexible. Yoga is also considered to be one of the best ways to meditate and relax. Here are the 15 Best Ramdev Baba Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss with tutorials

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MAKARASANA Yoga Asana For Weight loss

You must have seen Baba Ramdev doing this asana very frequently during his live show held every day in Mathura. It is popularly known as the crocodile pose in yoga asana as per Baba Ramdev’s yoga for weight loss. This is a perfect exercise for back and shoulder problems. This pose resembles a crocodile taking a rest in the water keeping the face and neck above the surface.

Tip-Before starting the asana, it is advisable to stay empty stomach and do it in the morning. There is a need for a four-hour gap from the last meal.

yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss: MAKARASANA
Image Credits – 101yogastudio.com

How to do Makarsana Yoga asana right?

  • Lie down on the floor onto your stomach, fold your hands and keep the tip of the elbow on the ground with your fingers upwards to your mouth.
  • Raise your shoulder and head and keep looking forward
  • Now stretch your legs with the toes facing outwards. Breathe normally slows and relaxes your muscles.
  • Stay in the same pose for a few minutes and then release yourself. Remove your hands from the chin and bring your shoulder and head down.
  • Make sure that while doing MAKARASANA your body is comfortable. This should be avoided by people suffering from serious back pain and neck injury.

Benefits of Makarasana Yoga Asana

  • It keeps your body and mind rejuvenated.
  • Makarasana helps in reducing abdominal fat and also relaxes your shoulder and spine
  • It helps you get rid of all the tight knots in your body and makes your body more flexible.

VAKRASANA Yoga Asana For Weight loss

Vakrasana is a simple version of Ardha Matsyendrasana. Also known as half Lord of the fishes pose, this asana is suggested by Baba Ramdev for weight loss. Vakra means twisted hence it is known as half spinal twist posture. It focuses on reducing belly fat and strengthening the spine. Check Vakrasana in our yoga for weight loss with pictures’ article and get ready to shed some pounds.

How to perform Vakrasana Yoga asana?

  • First, sit down and strengthen your legs with your legs down, bend your right leg and make the triangle.
  • Now put your right palm at the back and your left beneath the feet of your right leg, making it a twist position.
  • Hold on to this position for 10 to 15 seconds and slowly release your hand by lifting of your right foot in the air.
  • Bring back your body to a normal position and relax for a few seconds.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Image Credits- YouTube

Important-It is advised for people who have undergone heart or brain surgeries should not follow this posture, people with a slipped disc and with liver problems should also avoid it. At most, pregnant women should not perform this asana.

Benefits of Vakrasana Yoga Asana

  • It is beneficial for people who suffer from back pain
  • Vakrasana helps in reducing belly fat.
  • It improves digestion and also strengthens the kidneys.

MUNDUKASAN Yoga Asana For Weight loss

Popularly known as the frog pose, this asana helps to prevent heart diseases and improves blood circulation in the body. It helps in reducing stomach fat and is great for thigh fat too.

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How to perform Mundukasan yoga asana correctly?

  • First of all, make up a Vajrayana position, make a fist with your thumb and place it in your stomach on both sides of the naval.
  • Now inhale and start pulling your abdominal inside, bend your knees slowly and start pressing your nipples with your fist.
  • Keep your neck looking forward and your back straight in the bending position. Hold on to the position for some time and then release yourself.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev

Important-It is highly advised that pregnant women should not do this exercise. Apart from this, all people who have chest, leg, knee, or abdominal surgeries must avoid this exercise.

Benefits of Mundukasan Yoga Asana

  • It helps in great weight loss, reduces belly fat, and helps in the instant release of anxiety.
  • It keeps digestion intact and healthy
  • It keeps a person away from any pain in the legs and ankles.

GOMUKHASAN Yoga Asana For Weight loss

The word is derived from Sanskrit which means Cow’s face. The main focus of this exercise is the thigh and chest. Making this posture looks like a cow’s face. hence the name is given.

How to perform Gomukh Yoga Asana perfectly?

  • In this, you sit in Dandasana and bend your left leg and place it under your right but a lock. Fold your right leg and place it over your left thigh.
  • Place your arm behind your back and take the other arm to the right shoulder and Stretch. Keep your neck straight, and expand your chest.
  • Stay in this pose for a few seconds and release yourself. The most important step here is to concentrate on your breathing.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Weight Loss Asanas recommended by Baba Ramdev
Image Credits: 101YogaStudio

It relaxes your muscles and keeps you calm. In a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It was held that it improves the cardiovascular system of the body. This asana is one of the trickiest asanas in our yoga for weight loss with a picture list.

Benefits of Gomukhasan Yoga Asana

  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It is a therapy for your kidneys, especially for people suffering from diabetes.
  • It helps in the treatment of Sciatica without medication.
  • People with frozen shoulders and advised to do this Making shoulder and neck flexible.

SARVANGASANA Yoga Asana For Weight loss

This pose is known as the queen of Baba Ramdev’s weight loss asanas. It is known as a shoulder stand, wherein all the body weight is balanced on your shoulders. This asana is one of the most powerful and complex. This should be done on an empty stomach and the food must be digested enough to practice this pose. It helps in strengthening the shoulders, spine, and back.

yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Baba Ramdev Performing Yoga Asanas. Image Credits: Twitter

How to perform the Sarvang Yoga Asana right?

  • Lay down on your back keep your legs together and arms by your side now slowly move your legs and butt. Lock up all by taking in support of your elbow and your lower body.
  • Stand on your shoulders with the support of your arms. Your body weight should fall on your shoulders and the Upper arm.
  • Do not take the support of your neck or head as it may lead to injuries.
  • Hold on to this posture for 30 to 60 seconds and slowly release yourself by putting your legs down and then relax.

Benefits of Sarvagasana Yoga Asana

  • It helps you get your legs and waist toned.
  • It helps you in weight loss.
  • It stimulates the thyroid glands’ abdominal organs and prostate glands.
  • It improves digestion and metabolism, reduces fatigue, and cures Asthma and Infertility

Halasana Yoga Asana

Halasana Yoga Asana For Weight loss: The name Halasana is so given keeping in mind the basic shape of the pose that resembles a typical plowing tool used in Tibet and India. In many legends from Tibet, China, India, and Persia, the plow is also a mythical icon.

It may be useful to know that when King Janaka was plowing the field, he found a beautiful little girl. He brought her and named her Sita. Growing up, she married Rama. This story shows how the plow tool is used to uncover hidden treasures. Your stomach needs to be empty and there should be a 6-hour gap to have effective weight loss. It is one of our personal favorite asanas in this list of yoga for weight loss with pictures.

Steps to do the Hal Asana right

  • Lie down on your back with your arms beside your body and palms facing down a word, lift your feet off the ground using your abdominal tissue and bring it at a 90° angle.
  • Now with the support of your hands lift your waist off the floor and form a 180° angle, with your toes placed above the head.
  • Hold on to the position for a few seconds and release yourself, be aware of any jerks or injuries.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev

Image Credits: YouTube

People expecting a baby must avoid doing this exercise along with people with high blood pressure. It helps you release tension and improve the respiratory system. It removes all the negativity and strengthens your body.

Benefits of Halasana Yoga Asana

  • It helps in digestion and respiration.
  • Halasana regulates metabolism and focuses on weight loss and weight management.
  • It helps in regularising sugar levels and sleeping diabetes in control.
  • Halasana purifies your body and reduces back pain and keeps you away from stress.
  • It gives the spine and shoulders more flexibility and strength.


SHIRSHASANA Yoga Asana For Weight loss: Shrishasana, also known as a yoga headstand, is an inverted posture of our body. Here, Shirsha means head, and asana means posture. In this asana, the body is completely inverted and held upright with forearms forming aground near the head. It can be synchronized like a Western-style tripod stand. This asana is known as the king of all asana.

Important-This should not be performed by people having high blood pressure, high heart rate, and hernia. It may be injurious if not done properly.

How to perform Shrishasana Yoga asana right?

  • Stick your fingers in and move your body further by putting the forearms on the surface.
  • Stretch the elbows back slightly more than the width of the shoulder, forming an equilateral triangle.
  • Place the head crown between your palms in the vacuum.
  • Press your hands firmly and get a firm grip on your shoulders. Raise your hips off the floor and straighten your knees and legs.
  • Walk a few steps towards your head.
  • Bend your knees gently; tuck your buttocks into your chest and abdomen.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev

Image Credits: youtube.com

Gradually shift your body’s weight from your feet to your upper torso. Keep a balance on the body Raise one foot from the ground cautiously, keeping the balance and then the other feet. Bend your knees slowly, keeping the feet close to your thighs.

Benefits of Shirshasana Yoga Asana

  • It increases blood circulation in the upper part of your body.
  • Shirshasana helps you reduce mental and emotional anxiety and stress.
  • It tightens your abdominal muscle and helps you in instant weight loss.


Bhujangasana Yoga Asana For Weight loss: It is known as the cobra pose. This is done on an empty stomach, and a gap of six hours is needed after a meal. It puts pressure on the shoulders, lungs, and abdomen.

How to do Bhujang Asana perfectly?

  • Lie down on your stomach, put your hands on the side and make sure that your legs are straight.
  • Move your hands to the front and make sure that it is at the shoulder living with your palms on the floor.
  • Now put all the weight on your palms. Make an arc by your neck and firm your shoulders. Press the rest of the body to the floor, hold on to it for 30-60 seconds and then release.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Image Credits: HappyHindi

Benefits of Bhujangasana Yoga Asana

  • It helps in the purification of the lungs and heart.
  • Bhujangasana helps treat your opponent, chest, shoulder, and lungs.
  • It makes the spine stronger and more flexible.
  • Bhujangasana regulates your metabolism and helps in instant weight loss.
  • It helps in digestion and the urinary system.

Weight loss Yoga Asana UTTANASANA:

Uttanasana is one of the most commonly standing poses. It is also one of the most useful. In many classes, it serves as a “rest period”, between the poses of the standing sequence. Its extension, Ardha Uttanasana, is also extremely important. Too often, we move into the standing forward bend from our belly, shorting and hardening the front torso. an Ardha Uttanasana reminds us to continue to lengthen the front torso, and more importantly, the front spine.

How to perform the UttanAsana perfectly?

  • Stand in Tadasana with hands-on-hips.
  • Exhale and bend forward from hip joints. As you move down draw the front torso out of the groins.
  • As in all the forward bends, the emphasis is on lengthening the front torso as you move more into the position.
  • With your knees straight, press your fingertips on the floor, either slightly in front of your feet;
  • Hold your elbows with the opposite-side hands. Feel the contact of the heels and lift the sit bones toward the ceiling.
  • Turn the thighs inside.
  • Lift and prolong the front torso moderately with each inhalation in the pose.
  • release somewhat more fully into the forward curve with each exhalation.
  • The torso oscillates with the wind almost perceptibly. Let your head hang from the root of the neck between both shoulder blades, which is deep in the upper back.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev

Image Credits: Stylecraze

Benefits of Uttanasana Yoga Asana

  • It makes your thighs and knees strong.
  • Uttanasana helps to revitalize the nervous system.
  • It helps to give shape to your abdomen.

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It’s also known as Gas release posture. It derived its name from the word pavan which means wind and Mukta which means free. This posture is known as Hatha yoga. It is a form of Bikram yoga.

How to perform the PavanMukta Yoga Asana?

  • Lie down on your back with your legs stretched straight. Now bend your knees and hold it with your hand, pressing it toward your stomach.
  • Keep your head up straight. Keep your chin in contact with your knees.
  • Now put pressure through your abdomen on your other leg. Stay in the same posture for 30-60 seconds and then release yourself.

Benefits of Pavanmuktasana

  • It helps you stretch your neck and back.
  • The abdominal muscles are stiffened and the vital organs are condensed, which increases the flow of blood and triggers the nerves, increasing the internal organs to be effectiveness.
  • The strain on the abdomen clears in the large intestine any trapped gases.
  • There is a boost in blood circulation to all inner organs.
  • It enhances the digestive system.
  • It gives relief to acid reflux.

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Weight loss Yoga Asana MARKATASANA

It is popularly known as the monkey pose. This asana helps in bringing flexibility to the body. It is one of the best asanas for weight loss. It helps you relieve pain in your back.

How to perform the Markat Yoga Asana?

  • Lie down straight, with your legs straight. Put your right leg over your left leg touching the floor.
  • Now bend your left leg to the right side.
  • Keep your body straight with your left arm holding the left leg or if you want you can keep both legs folded on one side only.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds and then release yourself.

How to do Makarasana Twisted Crocodile Yoga Asana

Benefits of Markatasana Yoga Asana

  • It helps in curbing back pain.
  • Markatasana brings flexibility to your body.
  • It helps in weight loss.
  • Markatasana helps in toning your stomach.
  • It improves your memory and keeps you out of stress.

SHASHANKASANA Yoga Asana for weight loss

Shashankasana or the “hare Pose” is so-called since the asana looks like a rabbit in the last position. The advantages of Shashankasana are that it incorporates unwinding, alleviating melancholy, and a decent chest area stretch. Shashankansa is a simple asana to perform and should be possible for anybody paying little heed to age.

How to perform the ShashankAsana perfectly?

yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
  • Sit in Vajrasana, the Thunderbolt present, or the bowing posture. Spot your hands on the thighs and take them in a casual way.
  • Lift both your hands over the head, palms looking ahead. The arms ought to be in accordance with the shoulders.
  • Gradually twist down and present the hands, till the hands and brow contact the ground. Breathe out while you are bowing forward.
  • In the last position, the temple and hands lay on the ground. Rest in this situation for whatever length of time agreeable. In the last position moderate.

Learn the Rabbit Pose – Shashankasana Yoga Asana

Ramdev Baba Yoga Asanas: Shashankasana -Learn the Rabbit Pose – Shashankasana

PADMASANA Yoga Asana for weight loss

Padmasana or Lotus position is a cross-legged yoga posture. It helps deepens meditation by calming the body and alleviating various physical ailments. Regular practice of this posture aids in the overall blossoming of the practitioner, just like a lotus; hence the name Padmasana. The lotus pose is also called the Vajra position.

How to do the Padmasana right?

yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev
Image Credits: MudraGuide.com
  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out in front of you while keeping your spine erect. Bend the r knee and place it on the left thigh. Make sure that the sole of the feet points up and the heel is close to the abdomen.
  • Now, do the same step with the other leg.
  • With both legs crossed and feet placed on opposite thighs, put your hands on the knees in a mudra posture. Keep the head erect and the spine erect. Hold and then release.

Padmasana, The Lotus posture for meditation in Yoga in Hindi

Benefits of Padmasana Yoga Asana

  • It improves digestion
  • It Reduces muscular stress and controls blood pressure.
  • Relaxes and calms the mind
  • Helps pregnant ladies in childbirth with a healthy life.
  • It lowers menstrual discomfort

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TADASANA Yoga Asana for weight loss

This asana in our yoga for weight loss with pictures is like the core of all asanas to obey or from which most of the other standing asanas erupt. The standing postures require the lower limbs to be upheld and controlled at all times. Tadasana is one of the most effective core yoga for weight loss with pictures.

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This is done to avoid injuries or hyperextension (of the knee joints) that are prevented while other muscle groups are turned on appropriately. Now, stand erect and combine the feet, with the toes contacting one another. The heels might be simply marginally separated, and your hands must be solidly put close to your body.

How to perform the Tadasana?

  • While practicing this asana, you should try to keep your thigh muscles firm. Lift your kneecaps while ensuring that you don’t solidify the lower portion of your paunch, and hence keep the abdominal muscles relaxed.
  • Reinforce the internal curves of your inward lower legs as you lift them.
  • Here, envision a surge of white light (vitality) going through your lower legs, up to your internal thighs, crotch, spine, and neck, as far as possible up to your head.
  • Tenderly turn your upper thighs internally. Extend the tailbone to such an extent that it is towards the floor.

How To Do Tadasana or Mountain Posture

DHANURASANA Yoga Asana for weight loss

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose is one of the basic Hatha Yoga poses. It is also one of the 3 main back stretching exercises. It gives the entire back a good stretch, It gives flexibility as well as strength to the back. We recommend performing this asana with care from our yoga for weight loss with a pictures list.

How to perform the Dhanurasana?

  • Lie flat on your stomach and keep your feet and hip-width apart and your arms on the side of your body. Now, gently fold your knees and hold your ankles.
  • Lift your chest and legs off the ground and Pull your legs backward.
  • Look straight and keep your face stress-free.
  • Hold the pose for a few seconds and relax.
yoga loose weight pose baba ramdev

Image Credits: 101YogaStudio
  • Dhanurasana helps in getting relief from stress resulting from the control of emotions and also provides prevention from other stress-related issues.
  • This asana also helps in intellectual enhancement leading to improved and innovative decision-making skills.
  • Overall these Yoga weight loss poses improve body flexibility and balance along with cardiovascular disorders. It focuses on improved digestion and abdominal strength. It gives the body strength.

How to practice Dhanurasana (Bow Pose Yoga Asana)

Trikonasana Yoga Asana for weight loss

Trikonasana or the Triangle Pose is an important asana for health and weight loss. This asana not only helps in weight loss but also helps in strengthening the core. Trikonasana increases stamina and brings stability to one’s life.

How to perform Trikonasana?

Trikonasana by Baba RamDev; Source-Baba Ramdev YouTube
  • Stand tall and keep a distance of about 3 to 4 feet between the legs
  • Make your arms stretched to shoulders
  • Inhale and raise your right arm, raising your head.
  • Now, by keeping the weight of both feet equal, bend your right arm and exhale to the left. You should make sure that your right arm is parallel to the ground.
  • Maintain the normal breathing posture and return it to its original posture by inhalation.
  • Perform the same steps with the left arm.
  • Perform three to five rounds of trikonasana.

How to do Trikonasana Yoga Asana (Triangle Pose)?

Here’s how to do Triangle Pose as instructed by Baba Ramdev.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Different Forms Of Yoga?

HATHA– The most common method associated with yoga. It integrates breathing exercises and basic movements.
VINYASA– A set of poses that blend into each other smoothly.
POWER– A technique that builds muscle quicker, with higher intensity.
ASHTANGA– A sequence of poses paired with a particular technique of breathing.
HOT YOGA OR BIKRAM– It’s a series of 26 challenging poses in an elevated temperature heated room.
IYENGAR- A type of yoga that employs props such as blocks, sleeves, and chairs to help you line up your body.
When it comes to yoga for weight loss by Baba Ramdev, yoga poses are in a limelight for millions of people around the world, baba Ramdev is a powerful inspiration. Without a single medicine, Ramdev Baba has been able to cure many diseases like cardiovascular disease, thyroid issues, obesity, high blood pressure, blood pressure, arthritis, belly diseases, and cancer.

Can yoga get you in shape?

Yes, yoga can get you in shape if you practice regularly with good eating habits. According to WebMD, Yoga has the potential to increase fat loss, develop muscle tone, and build flexibility, leading to a more lean-looking physique.

Which time is best for yoga?

According to several experts, yoga practice is recommended in the morning or early evening. A morning yoga session can be quite active and consist of a full practice. Always finish with Savasana (Corpse Pose), no matter what time of day or season your practice.

Does yoga increase weight?

If you want to increase weight, you can do yoga and eat a specific diet to increase weight. According to MedLife, Yoga is a spiritual art way beyond stretching and relaxing. It helps in toning and strengthening your body muscles. It helps you gain weight by balancing your hormones, improving your digestion, increasing your appetite, and boosting your stamina.

How many calories do a male require in a day?

According to a study by the US Department of Health, males require 2000-3000 calories per day to maintain weight while females required 1600-2400 calories to maintain their weight. Calorie intake also affects weight management, however, calorie intake differs based on age and activity level.

Which yoga asana is best for weight loss?

We have listed the best yoga asanas to lose weight according to Baba Ramdev. While, after searching a lot of websites for the best yoga asana for weight loss, we found Bhujangasana and Dhanurasana to be the best for weight loss. It should be noted that along with asanas, one should also practice eating healthy and sleeping soundly.

Can we reduce weight by doing yoga?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. It is possible to lose weight by doing yoga, however, it is mandatory to keep up with eating habits too. Losing weight through yoga may take time but it is far better than joining the gym as you don’t easily gain the weight lost by yoga as is the case with going to the gym.

Are 30 minutes of yoga a day enough to lose weight?

Yes, 30 minutes of yoga is good to go for a start. You can increase the time duration to an hour, as you proceed. According to netdoctor.co.uk, an everyday gentle yoga practice will fuel the metabolic system and will help burn fat, leading to weight loss. Daily yoga can also help restore the hormonal balance in your body, which can normalize your body weight.

How can I lose weight with yoga in 10 days?

According to the Times of India, you can lose weight in 10 days by doing 5 simple yoga asanas along with keeping up with the diet. Here are the asanas:
1. Chakaraasana or Wheel Pose
2. Santolanasana or Plank Pose
3. Naukasana or Boat Pose
4. Brahmacharya asana or Celibate’s Pose
5. Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Is yoga better than the gym?

Definitely yes! Yoga trainer, Yogesh Chavhan says, “A gym session can make you feel tired and hungry while yoga revitalizes you and helps in digestion.” Fitness and lifestyle professional, Nawaz Modi Singhania states that while yoga has its distinct pluses, barring the odd exceptions (e.g. power yoga), yoga does not provide the cardiovascular benefits, which are so vitally important to all human beings. She adds, “Fat loss and weight loss is not achieved through yoga, this is derived through cardio activities. Cardio activities could include aerobics, walking, jogging, cycling, rope skipping, dancing, and swimming.” They were quoted as saying in a Times of India report.

Can we do yoga at night for weight loss?

According to Healthline, consistent yoga practice is related to weight loss and quality sleep. Doing yoga before bed may help you to sleep better, which has a positive effect on weight maintenance and weight loss. It may also help you to be more mindful of your eating habits.

What is crocodile pose well for?

Crocodile Pose reduces stress and tension, promotes good sleep hygiene, regulates blood pressure, and helps relieve anxiety. It provides deep relaxation for the muscles in the back and has a positive impact on posture and alignment of the spine.

These are the 15 Yoga weight loss poses of Ramdev Baba which have really helped people in weight loss and in keeping their lives calm and happy. In today’s busy world there is a need to focus on our health and here Baba Ramdev’s yoga for weight loss can make a difference, yoga does not consume time. Yoga can help you reduce by just doing the asanas correctly an hour a day. These are some of the asanas we highly recommend you perform. Share this yoga for weight loss with a picture list with your friends and family members.

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