Meet Bhuvan India’s Own Mapping application That no one know’s about

Meet Bhuvan India’s Own Geo-portal that no one Knows about.

India is one of those countries which in some areas of digital infrastructure are better than the US. But very few are aware of technologies developed in India. It is very pitiful that Indians are totally unaware about Bhuvan.  Well but it’s never too late as they say.

Bhuvan is India’s self-created mapping application created by ISRO back in the year 2009. The app received a very dull response by its own countrymen from the very start. Indian citizens prefer using Google Earth a product of US in comparison to Bhuvan. Bhuvan is an alternate to Google earth which provides all essentials of maps same as done by Google Earth.

It is an application where high technology benefits common people of India. This application benefits every Indian by providing every small detail of the country which Google Earth does not acquire. Its capability can be analyzed as it provides high-quality images to analyze the crop pattern in a village. Bhuvan allows users to view 2D and 3D images along with information on soil and its components, wasteland and water resources of India. Bhuvan is compatible with all browsers and operating system. Despite all its features, the application is yet ignored by the Indians. The made in India tag does not increase its importance but foreign services are being more valued for use.

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Google map the most used application by Indians has been dismissed as unreliable by the Indian Government[Back in 2017]. It becomes more villainous when Indians ignore the advice of its own government. The Survey of India has advised Indians to stop relying on Google maps and Google earth.  People of the country had no effect of the advisory. Not only India but Cambodia has also advised its people to not use Google maps. Many times Google maps presented the international boundaries which were not correct. People of Cambodia took the advice of the government and reduced the use of Google map. There is no strong reason to confront why Indians forbid themselves from using Indian applications like Bhuvan and etc.

Make In India

Make in India a scheme pitched by PM Modi in 2014 is being appreciated by every individual but none are taking part to make it a success. It’s high time when Indians need to consider the productivity of its own country goods and technologies.

Every Indian has a right to contribute something good and positive to its country. Every citizen must dismiss the use of Google map because supporting our own country in the scheme of making in India will increase the technological aspect of India. Contributing to our own country is one of the efficient ways to development.  Every Indian must inculcate swadeshi in their heart not only Indian technologies but even goods made in India must be encouraged with the dismissal of foreign made goods.  Every Indian must start using Bhuvan increase the importance of our own country in the worldwide.

Want to check out bhuvan? Follow the link to know more:

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