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Fitness Tips for beginners: How to Start Exercising and stick to it-Explained

Want to know some secrets to stay fit and healthy? You are in the right spot. We did a research and it turns out if you don’t stay fit than some problems will come to your health. Staying fit and moving slowly towards the fitness goal is everyone’s dream. Well, here are 20 fitness tips for beginners on How to Start Exercising and stick to it.

how to start working out again

How to Start Exercising – Beginner Workout Tips

1.Begin with small things

We all make promises like to go to the gym every day but end up sitting at Take advice for injury gs. Start waking up early and take a walk with nature. Fresh air will make your body more energetic and will make your blood pure.

Fitness Tips for beginners

If you planned to go to the gym, then start with 2 or 3 days a week and make sure that you never skip those days. And then slowly increase the number of gym days and increase the workout hours. We know it’s difficult but once you get started, you will do just fine.

2.Set a goal

Fitness Tips for beginners Set a goal

When you set a goal, it helps to stay focused. Set a goal not only for fitness but also for anything that you want to achieve in life. Set a goal not like going to the gym and walk and doing exercise but like to lose 2 kg weight and or to walk 2km in 20 minutes or so. These specific goals will surely help you to stay fit or to lose weight. It should be the second step after starting slow.

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3. how to start working out again: Have a plan

Fitness without a plan is nothing. It’s like going to surprise your friend but without anything to a plan. Well, it’s time to stop going to the gym with any plan. Have a look, make a strategy and stay focused. Plan a schedule of about what time you will go to the gym or to which time period. Like you will become fit in a month or in 6 months.

Give a commitment and stick to it. Just have one plan and don’t change it. It’s for your own good.

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4.Surrounded with too many thoughts on how to start working out again? Acceptance is the key!

How to do a pushup
How to Start Exercising? How to do a pushup. Image Credits: Vallarta Tribune

Ok, let’s face it. It’s hard to find your favorite machine in the gym. Especially in the festive season. Well, it’s time that you take a step ahead. Start adapting other machines and exercise so that in the future, you don’t face any kind of problem.

If you were using a treadmill, then start with the dumbbells or if not dumbbells and try some scouts. Try everything and try to have 2-3 options for fitness.

5. Get out of breath

Find exercise on a daily bases. It is said that housework and gardening can help you to stay fit. Not just normal work but something that will make you do hard work and not smart work. If you are doing gardening than do digging and not just weeding.

Gym Diet plan for beginners:

Gym diet for Vegetarians:

Gym diet for Vegetarians
Workout diet for Vegetarians. Image Credits: Quora.

Gym diet for beginners:

Gym diet for beginners
Gym diet for beginners. Image Credits: Pinterest

Expert Fitness Tips and Strategies: Ways to start working out

How to do a squat properly

If you are walking with your dog then start running. Or you can even choose the long path for a walk or the path where are hills. This way while climbing, you sure will feel exhausted but it’s worth it.

How to do a plank
How to do a plank Image Credits: Verywell Fit

1.No equipment and confused over How to Start Exercising? Don’t worry.

It’s not mandatory that you will have to use the gym machines to stay fit. People who are not going to the gym are also fit. But how? Well, they do all the chorus by themselves. Cleaning the floor, walking to the grocery stores when they run out of grocery and not using any vehicle.

Cycling in nature without any disturbance and doing some yoga and small exercise to wake up your body. All these things will make you fit without any money to spent. You just have to work hard.

How to do a single arm row
How to Start Exercising: How to do a single arm row. Image Credits: Real Simple

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2. Take advice for injury

When you are injured, don’t just start with heavy exercise. Start exercise according to your injury. If it was neck injury than rotate your neck slowly. If its knee problem, then doesn’t just start doing scouts. First, make them a little healthier and gain some stamina in those.

It is best if you take the advice from the doctor. Ask what type of exercise you should do and not to do. Then only start a gym or do anything at home. Again, start with slow and then be back on track.

3. Winter is not an excuse

Fitness Motivational Quotes excuses dont burn calories

Winter can never be the excuse for not going out and doing exercise. I know that its cold outside and it is difficult to work-out and have some sweat but trust me that once you get started, you will do better. Once you start going out in winters, forget about the cold and freezing wind.

Soon your body will feel warmth and energy. Your body with getting used to it and everything will be back on track. You will able to do exercise even in winter. You will now think that winter was just an excuse, what I was waiting for so long?

4. Don’t take everything extreme!

Taking care of your fitness is also taking care of your body. Don’t do anything extreme. It can harm your body as well. If your body can run for one hour continues that doesn’t mean that you will start running for one-hour straight.

You shouldn’t. Running every day or 3-4 times a week can do your work. Run for around 20-30 minutes and see the difference. It will work and help you to stay fit even if you don’t do much exercise.

5. Listen to the podcast

While running or doing any kind of exercise, turn on the radio or podcast and put some music to your ears. If not some soothing music, go for a fitness channel. Well, you can always have some fitness tips while staying fit. Try those new tips and see if it works. If not that, try something that will make you feel inspired and motivated.

You can also listen to the audio of your novel or the current happening around you. This way you will stay fit and will know what the current status. You never know, you may end up doing some extra exercise.

6. Journal

Keep things that you have done in the journal. Things like the kind of exercise that suits you or the gym machines that you will choose. Have a record. Also, record the time of exercise you have done today or yesterday or will do tomorrow. Not only this but make a chart of weekly or daily work-out.

How many days you have done exercise per week and on what days. Like Monday, Thursday, Saturday, etc. have an app on your phone that will keep a check on your health and how many miles you have walked or run.

7. Take someone whom you trust

Ask someone and tell them to take you for a morning walk or for some exercise on a daily basis. Trust them with everything and tell them to do anything that will make you go outside and get some motivation. It can include the harshness or sweetness.

They can drag you from the bed. This way you will learn to stay fit and also you can be motivated and feel good to know that someone is there who cares for you. You can have their company while doing work-out. Talk about almost everything, gossip and have some inner jokes. You will love it.

8. Don’t forget to breath

Some people indulge in exercise so much that they end up having some breathing issues. Don’t forget that you also have to breathe in order to stay fit. Have a break in between you work-out and don’t do everything continuously.

Your body needs some rest so work accordingly. ‘Most people don’t think about breathing and consequently end up inhaling and exhaling rapidly,’ says former Olympic cyclist John Howard. If you can extend the length and control of each exhalation, you can improve your cardiovascular conditioning.

9. Stick with it

I know it’s difficult in the start and to find instant results. Well not everyone can find the results instantly. You have to stick with the plan and stay calm. Your work will definitely pay. Take it as a hobby and not like a burden. No soon the result is normal. If you have come this far, you may want to continue and not to quit.

It will make a habit and you will enjoy your fitness training. By the time, you will start to feel and look better. Till you are not satisfied, remind yourself why you are doing this. Daily messages to yourself will help you to stay motivated.

10. Reward yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself. Take yourself out, you deserve it. You are doing some exercise so don’t go too harsh on yourself. You can still have some outside junk food that you always wanted. But remember that, don’t exceed it.

The hard work that you did will be gone if you don’t care about your body. I am not saying to stop eating outside food. Have it, enjoy but with the little quantity otherwise, you will again have to do more hard work and will be exhausted.

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Best Fitness Tips and Strategies

1. lift it while you can

lifting is something that will make your muscles hard and you can do anything. Lifting is not only with dumbbells but you can lift things at your home for some exercise. Let’s say a heavy box, or you can also lift some wet clothes for that matter. Lifting wet clothes will make your arm strong and not forget, you can do this on a daily basis.

2. Have a good posture

Balance your body as more as you can. While doing exercise, make sure the posture you are using is good for your body or not. If anything goes wrong, you may end up hurting yourself and will get an injury. Also, don’t put pressure in one part of the body. If you are doing quads, do some exercise for your hamstrings as well. The same goes for the chest and back and lower back.

3. Workout during no workday

You usually work out during workdays. Well, it’s important to know that when you don’t have an office or any work, you end up sitting at home and doing nothing.

This makes your body stiff and your body will not get used to doing work. If you are working out during work days than it’s completely fine but don’t forget to work when you have no work to do.

4. Don’t make your routine

This doesn’t mean that you stop doing exercise on a daily basis or a weekly basis. This means that the number you are doing sets; reps or moves should not be the same. Change the number at least every month so that your body doesn’t get used to it. It will increase your stamina and strength. Don’t just stick to one number. Change it and you will see the results.

5. Shake your body

Nothing is better than shaking your whole body. It will make the whole body movement and every muscle will come into action. Who doesn’t love dancing? Dance your heart off and this will make you feel good about yourself. The best way to stay fit is by dancing. It will be fun and strength will be gained. Dancing is the best exercise that I believe everyone should do. Come on, stand up and do some hip hop of your style. Make your dancing moves.

Have some rules in life. Like, don’t allow yourself to exercise more than 3 or 4 days. This way you will not be low in energy and will stay fit. Just remember to eat a healthy diet. If you are busy for some days than wake up early and have a run with your friends and family. Stay fit, stay healthy!

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