Skipping for weight loss|Benefits|Effectiveness, Tips for Skipping rope & More

Skipping for weight loss: Don’t you remember those days when you were a child and you used to play a lot? It might be running, playing cricket or badminton, and skipping. You all must have done skipping once in a lifetime. If not, don’t feel bad you can do skipping now! If you must have tried skipping and you were unable to do it as your leg didn’t co-operate well, we understand. You must have been left with two options either to give up or practice! practice! practice! Remember consistency is most important in any work. Skipping for weight loss is the best option you can choose ever to lose weight. We will discuss skipping rope workout for beginners as well further in the article.

Benefits of Skipping rope

There are numerous benefits of skipping rope. These benefits of skipping rope include your whole body coordination and increase your life span. In the world of benefits of skipping rope, a major benefit is that you learn to stay calm. You need to focus while you are skipping.

Benefits of skipping rope
Benefits of skipping rope.

Let’s go in-depth of Benefits of skipping rope:

  • Increases concentration: Imagine that because of skipping, in the future, you will be able to study more and understand concepts quite early, and you can increase your concentration in a meeting. Every cardiovascular exercise helps you to focus and skipping is one of them.
  • Improves your heart rate: One of the coolest cardio exercises helps you to increase your heart rate. This will significantly reduce your heart disease risk.
  • Improves your breathing: ‘Sound breathe, sound life.’ A proper breath increases your energy. It will make you feel better.
  • Improves coordination: Skipping in its initial stage requires great coordination. Your brain gets conscious as it doesn’t want to get your leg into rope. Thus doing skipping consistently will improve your coordination.
  • It’s one of your achievements: Just like any other achievement, learning skipping can be one of your achievements. When asked in school and colleges to do skipping and we are unable to do it. Then you see some students doing it, and you feel bad. So naturally, if you will be able to do skipping in the future, you will have a great feeling about it.
  • Increases your stamina: Imagine due to this workout you will be having more stamina for the whole day. This will encourage you to participate in other sports like badminton, cricket, running. You will find benefits of skipping rope when you will find that you can play for more duration than before. Thus, you will have an increased probability of winning any game.
  • Increases bone density: You may find your legs paining. Because as we get older, our bone density decreases. Skipping will increase your bone density. This will be beneficial for you when you get old or aged.
  • Improves your skin and helps to glow: Have you ever seen the faces of people who exercise. They glow. They have their chins looking cute and they look awesome. Don’t you want such a glow on your face? Work on skipping and you will be glowing. Exercise always helps to glow your skin. These and many other benefits of skipping rope will help you in a very great manner for your weight loss.

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Benefits of skipping rope for weight loss

Benefits of skipping rope for weight loss
Benefits of skipping rope for weight loss

Now you are known with the benefits of skipping rope from different aspects. Let’s focus on the benefits of skipping rope for weight loss It is ideally said everywhere that benefits of skipping rope are more to the benefits of running. If you jump rope for 30 minutes to one hour you will certainly lose 200-300 calories. It’s not possible to do skipping for half to one hour at the initial stage if you are a beginner so at that moment you need some time to increase your duration. It’s fair to take some time to reduce your weight.

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The Effectiveness of Skipping in weight loss

Skipping Benefits
Skipping Benefits
  • Skipping can reduce your all body fat from your belly fat to thigh fat. Skipping for weight loss is all fun.
  • You can enjoy skipping by counting the highest number of jumps done by your friends or exercise partner and you can have competition between them.
  • Skipping rope is quiet cheap and thus it doesn’t need much investment.
  • Just buy one rope and start with it. Skipping will not only lose your body fat but it will also tone your muscle.
  • This increased muscle tone will also help you to play sports and exercise which also helps to lose weight.
  • Skipping for weight loss is the best option as it is whole body workout which will reduce your calories within a short time.
  • Skipping with proper diet and other exercises in proper routine will decrease your weight.

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Tips to enjoy skipping benefits better

You may find your skipping routine boring or sometimes embarrassing. But don’t worry we have some tips for it:

  • Have your exercise partner: Ask your husband, mother, father, friend or anyone whom you find can do skipping with you and wants to lose weight. This will not make you feel alone. This may reduce your embarrassment.
  • Ask your skipping partner to have a competition with you. Try for a match of skipping. Divide your skipping workout into sets. Start doing skipping. First by you then partner. Do this in sets. Check who is winning the match. You may also divide this match into different types of skipping.
  • Skipping for weight loss can be found boring if you don’t have good surroundings. Try going on your building terrace or go on the ground. Let you breathe some fresh air. Doing skipping in the fresh air will make you feel different. If not possible on terrace or ground do it in the balcony if it is large. Even if all the options don’t go right. No issue if you do it at your home. But see that room is long enough to do skipping.
  • Skipping for weight loss can be more effective if you maintain track of your daily workout. Write about your development in skipping skills, durations of your skipping, total time taken for your skipping, weight loosed by skipping, skills you tried.
  • Play music while skipping this will encourage you to do skipping.
  • If you are done with the below-mentioned skills of skipping try to learn some new skills. This will make you work harder to develop different skills of skipping.
  • Tell your family and friends that you are going to do skipping. This will create good pressure on you. Then you will not feel to give up skipping.
  • A major mistake we do is we expect more from us within a short span. This can’t go correctly. Don’t force yourself that you have to learn to skip within one or two days and then you will be losing your weight at fast speed. You have to keep patience. Don’t forget little steps leads to success.
  • Try doing skipping early morning. So that you finish with your workout and you don’t have to remember yourself about your weight loss plan.
  • Sometimes people shy away from skipping as they find themselves overweight. Here crystal clear point is Don’t think about society. You have to lose your weight and thus you have to put effort. It is not mentioned anywhere that skipping can’t be done by an overweight person or an elder person. Be a child and do skipping!
  • If you don’t feel to do skipping. Just close your eyes. Imagine yourself being in ideal shape and what your family and friends say about you when you lose weight. This will inspire you to do skipping.
  • Sometimes we want to lose weight. As we have to attend some functions in next week or go on a vacation with our family. Trust me you can’t decrease weight at such a fast speed. It’s merely not possible. If you are busy with your daily routine and you hardly find some time for exercise. Give it some time. It’s alright if you are overweight for one program or vacation. You will decrease your weight in next vacation.
  • Just work and don’t think about the result.
  • The best time is now, not tomorrow. Work now, don’t wait for the ideal time to come.

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Skipping rope workout for beginners

Skipping rope workout for beginners
Skipping rope workout for beginners

Now let’s move towards the final point- Skipping rope workout for beginners:

If you are a beginner you can’t do skipping in a day. Here are some steps you can follow-

First of all, try jumping without using skipping rope. Just take small jump without the rope. This will create an action in your brain that while rope gets down you have to jump.

Second is hold both the handle of rope in your one hand then once again take a small jump. Jump when your rope gets a touch on the ground and follow this for some seconds or minutes. Even this will create a habit for you. Now you can start skipping. Different types of skipping are beneficial for weight loss and will add fun to your skipping.

  • First skipping rope workout for beginners-Take your rope and start skipping. Just as you did without skipping rope small jumps. Now the thing is that you are using your skipping rope. This is normal skipping which you see everyone doing.
  • Second, skipping rope workout for beginners-Let your one leg be in the air see that you don’t touch it to ground. Then start skipping with your one leg. First, do it with your right leg and then left.
  • Third, skipping workout for beginners- backward and forward skipping. Nothing else but while skipping move your both legs forward and backward. While reading you may have got confused. But it is easy. Just like a normal skipping. You just have to get forward and backward while skipping. Just don’t be still move forward and backward.
  • Fourth skipping a workout for beginners- After forward and backward move towards side to side. Do normal skipping and move first to right and then left while skipping. Imagining this position during workout body parts below your waist will move towards the right and then left while skipping.
  • Fifth skipping workout for beginners-During forward and backward jumps, you have taken both of your legs front and back. Now try doing it with one leg front and other back. This is just like walking taking your one leg forward other leg goes backward. Then backward leg comes front thus resulting forward leg to go backward.
  • Sixth skipping workout for beginners is high knees just take your legs quiet above. Just as you do while walking and start skipping. This seems to be difficult. But don’t forget as much as difficult it is as much weight you will be loosing.
  • Seventh skipping rope workout for beginners- As mentioned in the above point your skipping speed was slow just as you have while walking. In this, you just have to increase your speed. It is the same as high knees you just increase your speed.
  • Eight skipping rope workout for beginners- Move your legs closer to each other during a jump and then take it away from each other at a distance which is comfortable for you and once again jump. Continue doing this for some second. Remember the distance between your legs should not be much wider and not even small. That’s cool. You have many types in this workout. Do the above types of skipping with 30 seconds of rest in between. Initially, you will find harder but as days will pass away you will get skilled in it.

Following somebody on youtube is a good idea for learning. However, we don’t personally recommend that you follow them completely. Don’t Follow Fitness Youtubers completely. Here’s Why: Don’t Follow fitness YouTubers completely for your exercise regime

Some common mistakes done while skipping are:

Common Jump Rope Mistakes
Common Jump Rope Mistakes
  • We fold our legs while skipping which is not fair. Our legs and whole body should be straight. During some skipping variations, folding is necessary. But it should not be done always that you will be folding your legs and taking long jumps.
  • We should not look down while skipping. Our chin should be parallel to the ground.
  • We should not tap our legs with great intensity. Try for a small jump. So while tapping you don’t have to tap with great intensity. This will not cause injuries or pain to your leg.

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Skipping can be performed with weighted vests. This addition will not only add resistance, but more importantly, it will raise your position in the air, which is a key component to developing a faster running speed. Take your fitness to a different level – play with other types of fitness equipment and see the improvement yourself!

Skipping will help you with your weight loss program. Have a proper diet to get more benefits of skipping rope. Start skipping for half to one hour and be sincere to it.‘Just hold yourself in air and feel yourself lighter. So, we wish you the best luck for skipping for a weight loss program. Trust us, Do it.

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