Hosting Diwali Party? Simple Steps To Hosting a Perfect Diwali Party at Home

Diwali season is here. It is not only just about lights and the spirit of giving, but it is also about visiting people’s homes and attending parties. Do people always ask How to Host the Perfect Diwali Celebration at Home? If you are planning to throw one then here are a few tips and ideas which I am sure will help you with decors and all the planning to make your party an interesting one. Here is how to Host The Perfect Diwali Party at Home

Host the Perfect Diwali Celebration at Home. small party ideas at home, diwali party ideas at home, Host The Perfect Diwali Party at Home
Host the Perfect Diwali Celebration at Home. Image Credits: ZeeNews India

Optimal Budget

Tips to throw a diwali party. diwali party 2019
Tips to throw a Diwali party: Optimal Budget

You have a lot of things to plan so budgeting is important. It is good to have a record of things and how much money is spent. There should be the amount for everything like decorations, food, games, etc. so that you don’t have to rush at the last moment.

Prepare a Guestlist

Tips to throw a diwali party Prepare a Guestlist
Tips to throw a Diwali party: Prepare a Guestlist

You should prepare a guest list to invite everyone and no one should be left behind. Make invitations and send them through emails, social media like WhatsApp, etc.

Party is nothing without its food

Tips to throw a diwali party Diwali Food
Tips to throw a Diwali party: Diwali Food

Food is a must on every occasion. And when its Diwali, it should be the traditional one. Everyone knows that half of the guests are there for food only so let’s make sure that you have a three-course menu.
Party without games is nothing. If its party than games will be played and no one likes to make their hands dirty while playing. So make sure you have snacks like nachos and popcorns.

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Decide a theme

Tips to throw a diwali party Decide a theme. Diwali Party Ideas
Tips to throw a Diwali party: Decide a theme

It will be interesting if you add a little ‘Tadka’ in your party. Decide on a theme. Let’s take Bollywood or traditional dresses. Ask everyone to dress up and come like their favorite film star. It will be fun to guess whose getup are they in?.

Here are some amazing ideas to make Diwali memorable: Amazing Ideas to make Diwali Memorable


Diwali Party Ideas decor
Diwali Party Ideas decor. Image Credits: Berger

Decorations should be based on the theme you choose. The theme is different and decor is something else that should feel right. So give your house a look according to the theme.
If you have a theme then go for Diwali decorations and put some ‘diyas’ and make ‘rangoli’ to make your house look more beautiful and attractive. Don’t forget to put some flowers on the decor.

Hang on some memories

While we are discussing décor, let’s make some memories with it. Not like living in moment but old pictures with family or friends or with the people you invited to the party. Let’s go back in the days when each and every person stays together like in school or college.
By looking at these pictures, guests will be overwhelmed and will try to do the same at their house party.


Who doesn’t like a good picture? Make your photo booth so that guests can enjoy their little photo time and can get entertained all night. Make enough props with different colors and themes. Don’t forget to have a small corner in your house with some colored background for pictures.

Mood lighting

Set lights according to the mood. Keep changing these lights because you don’t know when the party pumps up. Good lighting can change a bad mood in seconds. Different kinds of lights can create different vibe so choose wisely.


Diwali Party Ideas Games
Diwali Party Ideas Games. Image Credits: Newsfolo

We are talking about having a party so games are necessary. I mean the party will be incomplete without games. Games are like soul to the party. These should be the one which everyone likes to play like a cards game, rummy, UNO, and other games which your guest would love.
Don’t forget to keep the gifts for the winners.

Small act

Adding a small act will give a lot of laughter. Ask your guest or your family can perform a small act that will connect people. This can be a standing comedy, theatre (recreating memories by playing them) or can be someone’s mimicry.

Bring your inner artist

What’s fun without creativity? Ask everyone to bring their inner artist out and make them paint what they see or hear or what is their imagination. Also, they can draw anything related to Diwali like candles, diyas, or even a picture story.
Karaoke? Bring it on.
Prepare yourself to go on stage first because in the beginning, everyone feels a bit shy. Rent a machine and have a blast. Make pairs with numbers on paper without names and people having the same number will be pair. Bring out their singers.

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Old songs in remix! Well, that is something which everyone likes. Just don’t forget to make some space so that people can dance freely. Use music to charge your guests.
Have a good choice in songs. But when it comes to friends, everyone knows what type of songs they will dance to. Have a mix of songs. A little classy, traditional, full of fun, etc.

Add some pranks

We are discussing fun so let’s add some pranks. A really small one that will not harm anyone at any stage. Pranks are only for fun so take it that way. Call your friends who can’t make it to this party and prank him and make him feel like he is there with you. These pranks can add some flavors to the party.

Something in common

Make something which will be common in every guest. Let’s say a hand-made hand band, DIY flowers tiara, tattoo, etc. by doing this, everyone will feel connected and will have something in common.


Mocktails, cocktails, or whatever you are comfortable with. Make sure you have full stock for drinks because no one likes an empty glass.
It’s better if you hire bartender because if you don’t you will be like in and out, in and out and will miss all fun at the party. And if it’s a small get together then it will be fun to play a bartender and serve the drinks to your guest.

Something to remember by

Diwali Party Ideas. Host the Perfect Diwali Celebration at Home
Diwali Party Ideas. Image Credits: Party Games

Before your guests leave, greet them with love and give them something as a gift to take home as the blessings. it will be nice if you give some sweets or a small statue of god as a blessing.
You can offer some chocolates to children so that they can have fun and will love your hospitality. Let them play their games and you play your own.


Diwali Party Ideas: Host the Perfect Diwali Celebration at Home. Image Credits: Plugg

Fireworks not always mean those loud and noisy crackers. They can also be small ones. Phuljhadi, chakri, or anar. Make your guests enjoy every second of this celebration. Make them feel as they are in their home. Try green crackers which are making a trend in the market.

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