20+ Hottest Korean Movies of all time with watch online links [2023]

If you’re tired of Bollywood and Hollywood’s sensual thrillers and want to see something fresh and unusual, look no further. Nothing is better than watching a sexy Korean movie, as we all know these days’ Korean films are setting new standards. A notable example of non-Western modern cinematic success is South Korean film. South Korea has developed into one of the world’s leading film markets. As a result of an increasing number of moviegoers and locally made films. The South Korean movie industry took back its home market from Hollywood. And for the first time in recent memory in 2001. And it still holds a market share of about 50% today. High-caliber South Korean films are rapidly making their way into international film markets. Moreover, they are interacting with viewers abroad in commercial and art theatres as well as at significant international film festivals. Let’s have a look at some of the Hottest Korean Movies of all time.

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Hottest Korean Movies of all Time

S. No.NameYearIMDb Rating
1.The Handmaiden20168.1/10
2.My Sassy Girl20018/10
4.Be With You20187.7/10
5.20th Century Girl20227.3/10
6.My Little Bride20047.1/10
7.A Frozen Flower20087.1/10
8.Tune in for Love20197.1/10
9.The Isle20006.9/10
10.Love Lies20166.9/10
11.Whatcha Wearin20126.8/10 
12.Sweet & Sour20216.7/10
13.A Muse20126.6/10
14.Nothing Serious20216.5/10
15.The Housemaid20106.4/10
16.Love and Leashes20226.3/10
17.A Good Lawyer’s Wife20036.2/10
18.The Concubine20126.1/10
19.Love Forecast20156.1/10
21.Scarlet Innocence20145.9/10
22.Temptation of Eve: A Good Wife20075.8/10
23.The Sweet Sex And Love20035.2/10
25.Madam Aema19824.4/10

The Handmaiden (IMDb: 8.1/10)

hottest korean movie The Handmaiden
Year1st June, 2016
Erotic Thriller
Psycological Thriller
DirectorPark Chan-wook
ExcerptThe Handmaid’s Tale.
WriterPark Chan-wook
Jeong Seo-kyeong
CastKim Min-hee
Kim Tae-ri
Ha Jung-woo
Cho Jin-woong
Runtime144 minutes
Ratings – IMDb8.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes96%

A young pickpocket (Kim Tae-ri) is hired by a thief (Ha Jung-woo) to work as a maid (Kim Min-hee) for a frail inheritor who lives in her aunt’s mansion (Cho Jin-Woong) as a part of a plot to defraud her of her fortune in Park Chan-wook’s adaptation, which is set in 1930s Korea during the Japanese occupation. The maid’s and her mistress’s connection, however, quickly intensifies and takes an unforeseen turn.

My Sassy Girl (IMDb: 8/10)

sexiest korean movie My Sassy Girl
Year27th July, 2001
GenresRomantic, Comedy, Melodrama
DirectorKwak Minjae
WriterKim Ho-sik
Kwak Jae-yong
Cast Jun Ji-hyun, Cha Tae-hyun
Runtime123 minutes (theatrical cut)
Ratings – IMDb8/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes 93%

The main subject of the movie is a dangerous sport including lust, ambition, wealth, sensuality, and treachery, which tragically comes to an end when the individuals lose their loved ones. Due to their inability to satisfy their sexual desires, a lawyer and his spouse engage in adulterous relationships. The remaining plot of this “dysfunctional” family drama centres on how their lust and infidelity caused them to give up their lone child.

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3-Iron (IMDb: 7.9/10)

Sexy Korean Movies 3 Iron
Year15th October, 2004
DirectorKim Ki-duk
WriterKim Ki-duk
CastLee Seung-yeon
Jae Hee
Runtime88 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.9/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes87%

Another Hottest Korean Movies in which Tae-suk, a young man (Hee Jae), burgles people’s homes while they’re away and briefly resides there. He takes good care of everything & cleans up after himself while residing in someone else’s home. One day, Tae-suk trespasses into Sun-hwa’s (Seung-Yun Lee) residence. She initially attempts to fight him off because she is scared of him.

She begins to let herself up to him though after she is certain that he won’t harm her. Tae-suk’s character develops into one that is more and more ethereal as the narrative goes on. He manages to gradually transform into a kind of ghost after realising that his very existence presents a barrier in the real world.

Be With You (IMDb: 7.7/10)

Hottest Korean Movies Be With You
Year14th March 2018
DirectorLee Jang-hoon
WriterYang Soo-jung
CastSo Ji-sub
Son Ye-jin
Runtime131 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.7/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes74%

When a woman passes away and then awakens, her husband strives to save her life. Be With You is a sweet yet ultimately tragic film. Soo-a (Son Ye-jin), Woo-jin’s (So Ji-sub) wife, passes away at the beginning of the film.

Despite being grieved by her passing, Woo-jin is adamant on keeping her alive. When he learns that she had expressed a desire to live again for a month, he makes every effort to fulfil that dream. As they strive to get the best possible use of their time together, Woo-jin and Soo-a. They have a scorching chemistry and are both really attractive.

20th Century Girl (IMDb: 7.3/10)

20th Century Girl korean hot movie
Year6th October, 2022
DirectorBang Woo-ri
WriterBang Woo-ri
CastKim Yoo-jung
Byeon Woo-seok
Park Jung-woo
Roh Yoon-seo
Runtime119 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.3/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes83%

High school memories of Na Bora (Kim Yoo-jeong) are brought back by a mysterious cassette. She was a high school student in 1999, age 17, and Yeon-doo (Roh Yoon-seo) was her best friend. Before telling Na Bo-ra about her new love interest, Yeon-doo travels to America for surgery.

Hyun-jin, Yeon-dee’s crush, will be under Bo-ra’s watchful eye, according to Park Jung Wook. In an effort to play matchmaker, she informs Yeon Doo of what she has discovered about him. When Hyun Jin’s closest companion Poong Woon-ho fell in love with Na Bora, everything change.

My Little Bride (IMDb: 7.1/10)

Hot Korean Movie My Little Bride
Year2nd April, 2004
DirectorKim Ho-jun
WriterYoo Soon-il
CastMoon Geun-young
Kim Rae-won
Runtime115 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes 70%

Eighteen-year-old Seo Bo-eun (Moon Geun-young) is compelled to wed Park Sang-min (Rae-won Kim), a man twice her age, in order to rescue her ailing father. Sang-min is initially hesitant about marrying such a young lady, but he quickly starts to fall in love with her.

Due to its cradle-robbing plot, the movie manages to defy expectations by turning out to be funnier and more engaging that it should be. With the characters and the plot becoming increasingly bizarre and amusing over time, viewers are led on a really entertaining and enjoyable rollercoaster.

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A Frozen Flower (IMDb: 7.1/10)

A Frozen Flower korean hot movie
Year30th December, 2008
Historical Fiction
DirectorYoo Ha
WriterYoo Ha
CastZo In-sung
Joo Jin-mo
Song Ji-hyo
Runtime132 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes73%

Another one of the Hottest Korean Movies, A Frozen Flower is not only a well regarded movie; it also has an outstanding plot and execution. However, it additionally went on to receive numerous honours. A homosexual monarch who is unable to produce an heir for the dynasty serves as the centre of the story. He requests that his bodyguard/lover get his wife pregnant. However, when his lover and the queen begin a serious relationship and fall in love with one another, the plot twists into a love triangle.

Tune in for Love (IMDb: 7.1/10)

Hot Korean Movie Tune in for Love
Year28th August, 2019
DirectorJung Ji-woo
WriterLee Sook-yeon
CastKim Go-eun
Jung Hae-in
Runtime122 minutes
Ratings – IMDb7.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes 

The narrative of two individuals who find themselves in love over music is told in the 1990s movie. The two main characters’ interactions are very interesting, despite the film’s generally lighthearted and comic tone.

In Seoul, Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) is employed by a record shop. She meets part-time DJ Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in), and they start to fall for one another. However, when Hyun-woo’s ex-girlfriend makes an appearance and Mi-soo’s family experiences financial troubles, their love is put to the test.

The Isle (IMDb: 6.9/10)

korean hot movie The Isle
Year22nd April, 2000
DirectorKim Ki-duk
WriterKim Ki-duk 
CastSuh Jung
Kim Yu-seok
Runtime 90 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.9/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes78%

The edginess and fixation with sexual themes and aspirations in Kim Ki-Duk’s movies are well known. “The Isle” is no different, either. A guy seeking sanctuary onboard a trawler and the owner, a silent man, who heals him, are the subjects of this odd love story. However, their connection is everything but pleasant as their obsession starts for taking hold and bring havoc, even murder, for everyone around them.

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Love Lies (IMDb: 6.9/10)

Love Lies Hot Korean Movie
Year13th April, 2016
DirectorPark Heung-sik
WriterHa Young-joon
Jeon Yun-su
Song Hye-jin
CastHan Hyo-joo
Chun Woo-hee
Yoo Yeon-seok
Runtime120 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.9/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes43%

The romantic narrative “Love, Lies” revolves around a young woman named Yeon-hee that falls for a gifted artist named Hyun-soo. The two become entangled in a web of dishonesty and misunderstanding as their relationship develops, which threatens to separate them.

“Love, Lies” is an absolute must for lovers of romantic Korean cinema since it features magnificent sexy Korean movies’ photography and heartbreaking performances.

Whatcha Wearin (IMDb: 6.8/10)

Whatcha Wearin korean hot movie
Year6th December, 2012
DirectorByun Sung-yun
WriterByun Sung-yun
Kim Min-soo
CastJi Sung
Kim Ah-joong
Runtime114 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.8/10 
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes58%

Yoon-jeong (Kim Ah-Joong) and Hyun-Seung (Ji Sung) yearn for a genuine personal connection. While Yun-Jung and her lover are truly in a long-distance relationship, Hyun-Seung is unwilling to let go of his ex-girlfriend. When they do finally meet, she breaks things off between them over the phone because they never actually see each other.

A phone call that is misdialed by accident brings the two together. Unaware that Hyun-Seung had responded in place of her partner, Yun-Jung starts a chat about sexually explicit themes and moans. When Hyun-Seung and Yun-Jung ultimately cross paths, a spark is set off.

Sweet & Sour (IMDb: 6.7/10)

Sweet and Sour Korean Hot Movie
Year4th June, 2021
DirectorLee Gye-byeok
WriterInitiation Love
by Kurumi Inui
CastJang Ki-yong
Chae Soo-bin
Krystal Jung
Runtime 101 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.7/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes20%

A warm, kind, and precisely the right amount of strange nurse named Ga-eun (Chae Soo-bin) falls in love with Hyuk (Lee Woo-je), an overweight, uncool, and absolutely smitten person who is admitted to the hospital. During Ga-eun’s stay in the hospital, Hyuk and he become closer.

The two continue in touch, and eventually they start dating. Hyuk realised he needed to get in shape and be wonderful for Ga-eun’s sake as he tried to squeeze into Ga-eun’s T-shirt. He loses a lot of weight, which raises the level of hotness. We stay focused on both of them and their relationship for the foreseeable future.

A Muse (IMDb: 6.6/10)

A Muse Hot Korean Movie
Year25th April 2012
DirectorJung Ji-woo
WriterJung Ji-woo
CastPark Hae-il
Kim Mu-yeol
Kim Go-eun
Runtime129 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.6/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes69%

In this Hottest Korean Movies, an older man falls in love with a younger woman and starts to compose her poetry. The elderly guy, Lee Juk-Yo (Park Hae-il), is a retired poet who is currently living in a remote hut in the highlands. He is 70 years old. He meets Eun-gyo, a high school student who is 17 years old (Kim Go-eun), one day.

She wants to be his student since she has an interest in his work and has come to see him. Soon after, Lee Jeok-yo develops an obsession with Eun-gyo and begins to compose poetry about her. She is absolutely ignorant of his affections for her as he even begins to stalk her.

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Nothing Serious (IMDb: 6.5/10)

korean hot movie Nothing Serious
Year24th November, 2021
DirectorJeong Ga-young
WriterJeong Ga-young
CastJeon Jong-seo
Son Suk-ku
Gong Min-jung
Runtime 95 minutes
Ratings – IMDb 6.5/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes– 

With her ingenious and audacious movies, director Jeong Ga-young never fails to astound her audience. The song “Nothing Serious” is no exception, able to tackle the issue of emotions in a straightforward manner without coming off as obnoxious or indulgent.

In the yet another one of the Hottest Korean Movies, 33-year-old Woo Ri (Son Suk-ku) is not married. He wants to write books, but for now, he’s just trying to avoid being lonely. Woo Ri has never been in a committed relationship since he has horrible luck finding them. A 29-year-old single lady named Ja Young (Jeon Jong-seo) aspires to be more responsible and mature. She believes that, for the time being, she can figure out how to have been 30 on her own without jeopardising her self-respect.

The Housemaid (IMDb: 6.4/10)

Hot Korean Movie The Housemaid
Year13th May, 2010
GenresErotic thriller
DirectorIm Sang-soo
WriterIm Sang-soo
CastJeon Do-yeon
Lee Jung-jae
Youn Yuh-jung
Seo Woo
Runtime107 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.4/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes70%

A recurring subject in K-dramas is wealthy businessmen yearning for their innocent domestic servant; in fact, it has spawned its own subgenre. In “The Housemaid,” the same cliched romance is present, but there is a menacing undertone that will break your heart and terrify you by the end.

The pregnant wife of a wealthy businessman is cared for by a maid, but he ultimately seduces her into adultery. Things immediately go south when the husband and the rest of the family find out about this relationship.

Love and Leashes (IMDb: 6.3/10)

Love and LeashesHot Korean Movie
Year11th February, 2022
Genres Romantic, Comedy
Director Hyeon-jin Park
Writer Hyeon-jin Park
Cast Hyeon-jin Park, Lee Da-hye
Runtime 118 minutes
Ratings – IMDb 6.3/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes86%

It’s difficult to imagine the existence of another film that’s as popular as Netflix’s most recent Korean original production. The Korean version of 50 Shades of Grey is Love and Leashes. Lee Jun Young’s character, Jung Ji Woo, is the archetypal ideal man on the surface with something that he keeps hidden from everyone. Then there is the emotionless Ji-woo (Seo Hyun), who suppresses her emotions up until the moment she unintentionally learns Jun Ji’s truth.

Ji-hoo wants to follow and Ji-woo wants to command, creating a highly unconventional connection so they can explore and find love, even though their working relationship ends up becoming abnormal. A contentious subject is presented in “Love and Leashes” in a “relaxed” manner that isn’t unduly silly and vulgar.

A Good Lawyer’s Wife (IMDb: 6.2/10)

A Good Lawyers Wife korean hot movie
Year15th August, 2003
Black Comedy
DirectorIm Sang-soo
WriterIm Sang-soo
CastMoon So-ri
Kim In-mun
Hwang Jung-min
Youn Yuh-jung
Bong Tae-gyu
Runtime106 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.2/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes 56%

In this one of the Hottest Korean Movies, one day, a family realises they have become entangled in a web of immorality. A sixty-year-old grandmother named Hong Byung-Han (Youn Yuh-Jung) finds purpose in her life after having an affair with the boy she liked in elementary school. Eun Ho-Jeong (Moon So-ri), her daughter-in-law, silently supports her mother-in-law’s admissions of “foolishness” rather than criticising them.

Yeong-jak (Hwang Jung-min), the husband, presents himself as a model citizen-lawyer but in reality spends all of his time and effort courting women in spite of his love and commitment to his family.

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The Concubine (IMDb: 6.1/10)

The Concubine Hot Korean Movie
Year6th June, 2012
DirectorKim Dae-seung
WriterHwang Yoon-jeong
Kim Dae-seung
Kim Mee-jung
CastJo Yeo-jeong
Kim Dong-wook
Kim Min-jun
Runtime6 June 2012
Ratings – IMDb6.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes41% 

The seductive and expansive historical drama “The Concubine” centres on Hwa-Yeon, a young Korean woman who is coerced into a life of concubinage. Hwa-Yeon is sold as a concubine-in-waiting to the royal court after her family experiences financial hardship.

Hwa-Yeon, however, discovers herself entangled in a web of intrigues and desire as she makes her way through the perilous realm of the royal court. These films are never listed among the top Korean sexual movies because of their convoluted narratives.

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Love Forecast (IMDb: 6.1/10)

Love Forecast Korean Movie
Year15th January, 2015
DirectorPark Jin-pyo
WriterLee Byeong-heon
Park Jin-pyo
CastLee Seung-gi
Moon Chae-won
Lee Seo-jin
Runtime118 minutes
Ratings – IMDb6.1/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes57%

The narrative of Huyn-woo, who has had a history of awful luck in relationships, & Kim Hyun-woo, a weather reporter who is recognised for her beauty and grace on television but is an aggressive drinker off-screen.

Joon-Soo attempts to give the girl everything when he falls in love. Despite all of his efforts, he ends up being abandoned. Hyun-Woo is a weather forecaster. Despite having a lovely beauty, she behaves aggressively and speaks harshly. There is blossoming love between these two.

Obsessed (IMDb: 5.9/10)

Obsessed korean movie
Year24th April, 2009
DirectorKim Dae-woo
WriterKim Dae-woo
Oh Tae-kyung
CastSong Seung-heon
Lim Ji-yeon
Runtime132 minutes
Ratings – IMDb5.9/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes19%

Colonel Kim Jin Pyong (Song Seung-Heon), who bravely fought in the Vietnam War, returns to South Korea in 1969. The people at the military base, including the army commander who also happens to be his father-in-law, regard him as someone they can trust and respect.

However, his wartime experiences have caused him a great deal of suffering. Kyeong Woo-jin (Joo-Wan On) receives a transfer one day and begins working for Kim Jin Pyong. He has a reputation for saying or doing anything to appease his employer.

Scarlet Innocence (IMDb: 5.9/10)

Scarlet Innocence korean movie
Year2nd October, 2014 
DirectorYim Pil-sung
WriterYim Pil-sung
Jang Yoon-mi
CastJung Woo-sung
Runtime111 minutes
Ratings – IMDb5.9/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes 36%

The sensual and passionate drama “Scarlet Innocence” is about a passionate relationship involving a small-town girl & a college professor named Hak-kyu. The twist in the story occurs when she confronts him eight years after he first becomes blind.

They find themselves attracted into a string of sensual and emotional experiences as they start to investigate novel and intriguing methods to liven up their lustful lives. For fans of erotic Korean movies, “Scarlet Innocence” is a must-watch because of its sensual love scenes and relevant perspective on relationships.

Temptation of Eve: A Good Wife (IMDb: 5.8/10)

Temptation of Eve A Good Wife
Year6th August, 2007
DirectorJeong-deok Kwak
WriterGim Chae Ae
Jeong-deok Kwak
CastAhn Nae-sang
Jin Tae-hyeon
Jin Seo-yeon
Runtime90 minutes
Ratings – IMDb5.8/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes

A young woman’s narrative served as the inspiration for the tale of Eve’s temptation. You can see movie director Jin Yeong leaving the house in the opening frame. He is proposing a screenplay in the hopes that it will be made into a movie.

The following day, Sang Ho, whom he meets in the parking area, calls him. He encounters the director. The producer uses a wheelchair as a result of a hit-and-run. And distressed by his wife’s adultery.

The Sweet Sex And Love (IMDb: 5.2/10)

The Sweet Sex And Love Korean Hot movie
Year20th June, 2003
DirectorBong Man-dae
WriterBong Man-dae
Kwak Jeong-deok
Lee Soo-nam
CastKim Sung-soo
Kim Seo-hyeong
Runtime90 minutes
Ratings – IMDb5.2/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes66%

The romantic comedy Hottest Korean Movies “The Sweet Sex and Love” is about a youthful couple called Jae-young & Ae-rang who are attempting to maintain the spark in their long-term union. They experiment with different strategies to keep things interesting and get sucked into a number of amusing and hot antics. Fans of sensual Korean films and television shows must see “The Sweet Sex and Love” because of its hilarious and relevant perspective on love and sex.

Natalie (IMDb: 4.6/10)

Natalie Hot Korean Movie
Year28th October, 2010
DirectorJu Kyung-jung
WriterJu Kyung-jung 
CastLee Sung-jae
Kim Ji-hoon
Runtime88 minutes
Ratings – IMDb4.6/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes

Sparks ignite when dancer Oh Mi-ran (Park Hyun-jin) meets sculptor and critic Hwang Jun-hyeok (Lee Sung-jae). Although Oh becomes pregnant & left the professor for another student Jang Min-wu (Kim Ji-hoon), he still falls deeply in love with her.

After eventually getting hitched, the couple enjoys ten years of blissful marriage till Hwang holds an exhibition of his sculptures, one of which is a life-size statue of Oh. When Jang learns about it, he seeks out Hwang to finally resolve some issues. The movie combines gorgeous photography, a stunning main lady, and just enough absurdity to make you smile.

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Madam Aema (IMDb: 4.2/10)

korean hot movie Madam Aema
Year6th February, 1982
DirectorJeong In-yeob 
WriterLee Mun-woong
CastAhn So-young
Lim Dong-jin
Runtime102 minutes
Ratings – IMDb4.4/10
Ratings – Rotten Tomatoes

The sensual and chic historical drama “Madam Aema” is about a young woman called Aema who rises to become the most popular courtesan in all of Korea. The best Korean sex movies consistently include Madame Aema.

The plot is based on Su-bi, a stunning young woman. Her husband also committed a crime at the exact same time, and he received a prison sentence. Su-bi was having an intense love affair at the time. When her partner was released at that time, she started making plans to escape France. This film falls under the category of Korean hot flicks because of its many hot aspects.

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