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Kabir Singh review: A present day incarnation of Devdas – God of Small Thing

The most anticipated movie Kabir Singh with lead Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani has finally been into the theatres today. The intense trailer created a stir among the people. Just in case you don’t know Kabir Singh is a Hindi remake of a Telugu superhit film “Arjun Reddy”.

Kabir Singh Plot:

The film starts with Kabir Singh as a surgeon very good with his work falls in love with a girl followed by heartbreak. The heartbreak creates a path of self- destruction for him and he looks miserable. Kiara, on the other hand, has been shown as a girl with a romantic interest.

Kabir Singh Critic Review:

As per Garima Tomar,

The character is a new time version of Dev from Devdas. Kabir Singh in most of the movie is seen as a loser in love with some anger management issues. However, he is not alone facing all of this, here is his best friend Shiva in the film who has always been a savior to him. The character of Kabir Singh takes you through an emotional ride of having a breakup and not able to handle it properly as most people suffer. The entire plot is somehow to explain and make people in love with his negativity hoping one day he will be back to normal and we all see a happy ending. Kabir has also been shown as a genius with his work as he is able to perform surgeries even when he is coked out.

Shahid Kapoor as Kabir Singh:

The character of  Kabir Singh is emotional and he has played his role brilliantly. It is one of the best pieces of acting from Shahid Kapoor. He looks rugged and edgy with his role. The role of the movie becomes interesting as it is a combination of being vulnerable and aggressive and loving in some parts as well. It is a very unique kind of combination which we have never had in any of the other characters that Shahid has played.

We would really recommend going and watching the movie. It is indeed a refreshing break from the stereotypical romance that we see every now and then. It’s time we move on from ideal stories and celebrate and embrace the fact that all humans are flawed. Everyone has a dark or grey side to them. It is not about correcting the flaws that the lead characters portray. Shun that idea for some time and try to feel the essence of the story. Watch the movie for another excellent performance by Shahid Kapoor. Watch it for a non-stereotypical love story in Bollywood.

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