Top 23 Players with most Centuries in International Cricket with Video Highlights

Reaching the 100-run mark is considered the most prestigious feat for a batsman in cricket. Cricketers with the highest number of centuries are highly regarded because those with most hundreds in international cricket truly embody the essence of the sport. The question is whether or not you are aware of who hit the most centuries in cricket? And if you do, are you sure that’s the most centuries in all formats? I ask this because I know the stories of how batsmen across the world have embraced themselves to score the highest centuries in all formats. Today, I wish to share all those stories with you. 

Here is a list of top 23 players with most centuries cricket across all formats with video highlights of their best performances: 

Sr. No.Players
23.Virendra Sehwag
22.Alastair Cook
21. Steve Smith
20. Tillakaratne Dilshan
19. Mohammad Yousuf
18. Ross Taylor 
17. Rohit Sharma
16. Matthew Hayden
15. Shivnarine Chanderpaul
14. Younis Khan
13. Sanath Jayasuriya
12. Chris Gayle
11. David Warner
10. AB de Villiers
9. Rahul Dravid
8. Brian Lara
7. Mahela Jayawardene
6. Hashim Amla
5. Jacques Kallis
4. Kumar Sangakkara
3. Virat Kohli
2. Ricky Ponting
1.Sachin Tendulkar
Source: ESPNCricinfo
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most Centuries in cricket
most Centuries in cricket all formats.

23. Virendra Sehwag

Details of 23rd highest centuries in all formats

Team England
Total centuries38
Test centuries23
ODI centuries5
T-20 centuries0
Source: ESPNCricinfo

Down the ground, a shot over the covers and it’s a four! One after another dramatic innings made Sehwag a fan-favorite. As the sixth leading century maker of India, Sehwag showed class and consistency across all formats of cricket. He posted centuries against all Test-playing nations, except Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. In fact, he debuted with a Test century against South Africa back in 2001. Over the years, his hunger for big totals got him to pivotal points in world cricket. As a proof of this, he stands as the only Indian batsman with six individual scores over 200.

Studying his record, one would also find that Sehwag scored triple centuries in two separate occasions – vs Pakistan (in Multan, 2004) and South Africa (in Chennai, 2008). As a matter of fact, the latter century is the fastest triple century in Test cricket, coming off 278 deliveries! In One-day cricket, his highest score came against West Indies (219 runs).

Watch Virendra Sehwag’s best century

22. Alastair Cook

Details of 22nd highest centuries in all formats

Team England
Total centuries38
Test centuries33
ODI centuries5
T-20 centuries0
Source: ESPNCricinfo

Came as a last-minute replacement for Marcus Trescothick, Alastair Cook went on to create history with his bat. He debuted against West Indies and that too with a century! What followed was a series of centuries coming off in the first matches against India, Pakistan and obviously West Indies, as mentioned. Becoming the youngest Englishman to reach 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 runs in Test cricket, Cook secured 7 indomitable centuries before his 23rd birthday.

Persistence and patience made Alastair Cook, his determination well sought the reins of captaincy in the Test and ODI formats. While many consider his 294 against India to be the most glorious innings of his career, any cricket enthusiast would argue noting his crucial innings of 95 against Australia, which led to England’s victory at the Lord’s, a feat repeated for the first time since 1934.

Watch Alastair Cook’s best century

21. Steve Smith

Details of 21st highest centuries in all formats

Team Australia
Total centuries38
Test centuries27
ODI centuries11
T-20 centuries0
Source: ESPNCricinfo

Big time run-scorer and a brand of Aussie batting class, Steve Smith appears 21st in the list of highest centuries in all formats. He debuted in 2010, at the Lord’s, against Pakistan. Playing his fifth Test match, Steve effected his first century, a score of 138 not out. Nonetheless, Steve’s best was yet to come and it did come during the 2017-18 series at the WACA Ground, where he scored an incredible 239.

Eventually, after topping the ICC Test Rankings three years in a row. Steve attained a Test rating of 947 in 2017, next only to that of Don Bradman. In 2019, Steve averaged 62.96, the second-highest average in Test cricket history. In the 50-over format, Steve first scored a century against Pakistan in 2014 at the Sharjah Stadium. As for his highest ODI score, it came against the neighboring Kiwis at the SHG in 2016. In the shortest format, Steve attained a highest score of 90, and a century off his bat is much awaited.

Watch Steve Smith’s best century

20. Tillakaratne Dilshan

Details of 20th highest centuries in all formats

Team Sri Lanka
Total centuries39
Test centuries16
ODI centuries22
T-20 centuries1
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Dilshan Career Statistics
Dilshan Career

The first captain to score centuries in every format – Dilshan held a reputable position as an international batsman. Former Sri Lankan skipper was a formidable opponent to the fast bowlers. His first test century came in just the second match that he played. Embodying class, Dilshan pushed boundaries like spreading butter on bread. In short formats, he gave a massive boost to the lions and led the South Asian team from the forefront. 

His records stand strong – out of 22 ODI centuries, nine were scored at home grounds and rest outside. Even his test performance holds astonishing credibility for scoring centuries against all the Test cricket playing nations except South Africa and West Indies in his career. With this, he finds a spot as the 20th most centuries in all formats. 

Watch Tillakaratne Dilshan’s best century

19. Mohammad Yousuf

Details of 19th highest centuries in all formats

Team Pakistan
Total centuries39
Test centuries24
ODI centuries15
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
most hundreds in international cricket
Mohammad Yousuf

The star of Pakistan, Mohammad Yousuf ascended to glory in 2006. He is known to have ruled that year as on 30 November 2006, in the third innings of the final Test against West Indies at Karachi, he surpassed Viv Richards. He broke Richards’ thirty-year-old record to become the highest scorer in Test matches during a single calendar year. Yousuf paralleled another legend – Don Bradman – by scoring six centuries in successive Tests. 

While on a rampage of making runs for his team, Yousuf almost neared the mark of 40 centuries. However, he retired soon after four years and ended a fantastic career. At present, he maintains the 19th position for scoring most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Mohammad Yousuf hit 100 vs India

18. Ross Taylor

Details of 18th highest centuries in all formats

Team New Zealand
Total centuries40
Test centuries19
ODI centuries21
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
most hundreds in international cricket Ross Taylor centuries
Ross Taylor

Possibly the most experienced cricketer in the world at present, Taylor has contributed massively to the sport. Batting at number 4, Taylor has always gripped the middle order for the Kiwis. Talking of centuries, Taylor shines out prominently. In the best four chases by New Zealand, Taylor is well known to have scored hundreds in three of them. 

Taylor still holds on to his batting glory. Between 2017 – 2020, Taylor averaged 67.76 in 50 innings. This is a remarkable feat as it makes him the second most successful ODI batsman after Virat Kohli. The Kiwi veteran’s high scoring capacity has let him find a spot at 17th, for scoring most hundreds in international cricket.

Watch Ross Taylor’s best century

17. Rohit Sharma

Details of 17th highest centuries in all formats

Team India
Total centuries40
Test centuries7
ODI centuries29
T-20 centuries4
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Rohit Sharma Centuries
Rohit Sharma Centuries

After 3 years of international debut, the hitman relieved his willow to score his maiden ODI century against Zimbabwe. When Dhoni pushed him up the ladder to open alongside Dhawan in the 2013 Champions Trophy, Sharma showed his true colors. From there, he chose the elite Aussie attack to smash back to back centuries and cement his place at the top. 

A decade since his maiden century, Rohit today is considered among the best batsmen in the world. Breaking international records, playing instrumental innings one after the other, Sharma has equaled Yousuf at a very young age. His future looks bright and Indian opening strong as ever. With this, he currently holds the 18th spot for scoring most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Rohit Sharma’s best century

16. Matthew Hayden

Details of 16th highest centuries in all formats

Team Australia
Total centuries40
Test centuries30
ODI centuries10
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
most hundreds in international cricket
Matthew Hayden

Scoring his first century in Adelaide Oval, Hayden gave a world-class start to his batting career. By the turn of this century, he had become a formidable cricketer. Bowling him out seemed a heavenly task for spinners and pacers alike. Hayden’s supremacy was defined by an invincible single total of 380 – the highest of his time. He stood most successful against the neighboring kiwis, especially the 181 not out knock of 2007. 

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Named the Wisden cricketer & ICC cricketer of the year on various occasions, Hayden played his part in bringing World Cup trophies home. Unlike most players of his time, Hayden was able to post a significant score in T20s as well – 73 being the highest. As of 2020, Hayden can himself at number 16 for scoring most centuries in cricket. 

Watch Matheww Hayden’s best century

15. Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Details of 15th highest centuries in all formats

Team West Indies
Total centuries41
Test centuries30
ODI centuries11
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
most hundreds in international cricket
ShivNaraine Chanderpaul

Joining the Windies side in 1994, Chanderpaul rose as an extraordinary Test cricketer in the world’s most dominating Test-playing team. Best known for patience and good placements, dismissing Chanderpaul was a mountainous task. Shane Warne while listing his best 100 Test players, recalled Chanderpaul as “a bloke you needed to crowbar away from the crease.” Early on, the Guyanese batsman was heavily criticized for failing to turn the fifties into centuries. He didn’t bother himself with the remarks and continued playing his natural game. A few years after his debut, Chanderpaul’s classy knocks smoothly began to cross the 100 runs mark and get a headline in the daily newspapers. 

A flexible batsman batting usually at number 5 or 6, strengthened the Windies line-up at the core. While Chanderpaul is remembered for his sloth play, he charismatically scored a 69-ball century in 2003 – third fastest of the date. Taking note of his excellent batting, it’s no surprise that we find the 15th spot for scoring most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Shivnarine Chanderpaul’s best century

14. Younis Khan

Details of 14th highest centuries in all formats

Team Pakistan
Total centuries41
Test centuries34
ODI centuries7
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Most centuries in cricket Younis Khan Younis Khan
Younis Khan

Smacked the balls out the ground be it ODI or Test, that was how Younis played. Out of 115 Test matches, he amassed a grand record of 34 centuries. Such fast-paced cricketing was unheard of in the early years. Most of his centuries came in foreign grounds, specifically 20 venues in total. By the end of his career, he had become the first Pakistani batsman to score a century against all the test playing teams. The worst-hit team by Younis storm were the lions of Sri Lanka. He made eight significant centuries against them. By 2015, Younis broke Javed Miandad’s record to become the leading all-time scorer in Test cricket. 

A fan favorite and a real treat to watch, Younis contributed a lot to the world of Test cricket. First Pakistani to cross thousand run mark in Test, put Younis at a global stage. With his highest score of 144 in ODI cricket, Younis left his mark in the limited-overs format as well. We find him in the 12th position for scoring most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Younis Khan hit 101 vs England

13. Sanath Jayasuriya

Details of 13th highest centuries in all formats

Team Sri Lanka
Total centuries42
Test centuries14
ODI centuries28
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Most centuries in cricket:Sanath Jayasuriya
Sanath Jayasuriya

The Sri Lankan master blaster is credited with the opening batting strategy that is well known today. Taking advantage of the field restrictions in the first few overs was not a common style of play until Jayasuriya used it in the 1996 World Cup. Later on, the Aussie cricketer acknowledged this publicly stating, “(Jayasuriya) changed everyone’s thinking about how to start innings.” While he could only best 88 runs in T20s, Jayasuriya left an indelible mark on the other major formats. Energetic beyond comparison, Jayasuriya pushed his game by the turn of this century. His test highest of 340 in 1997 was overshadowed by the fastest century feat that came in 2004 against Zimbabwe.

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When Test cricketing had fallen short across continents, Jayasuriya automatically sped up his game. This is the reason as to why his ODI achievements are greater than that of Tests. Becoming the second player to cross 13,000 runs in International cricket, Jayasuriya showed his master skills. The oldest batsman to score an international century essentially finds a spot at number 13 for scoring most centuries in all formats. 

Watch Sanath Jayasuriya’s best century

12. Chris Gayle

Details of 12th highest centuries in all formats

Team West Indies
Total centuries42
Test centuries15
ODI centuries25
T-20 centuries2
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Most centuries in cricket Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle

The universe boss has a remarkable history of slamming centuries paving the way to cricketing greatness. Scoring century, double century, and triple century in the first decade itself bestowed incredibly on Gayle. The test success of 333 stood nowhere compared to his ODI performance. His eighteen gleeful ODI centuries were slogged on foreign pitches. Even this feat didn’t stand strong when he stomped on opponents’ imagination and scored the first T20I century in the 2007 World Cup. 

The Caribbean opener to date brings sleepless nights to his rival bowlers. Leg spinners avoid facing him and swing pacers showcase their best performance attacking him in the early overs. The Gayle-storm finds himself at number 12 for hitting most centuries in all formats. 

Watch Chris Gayle smash 100 off 47 balls

11. David Warner

Details of 11th highest centuries in all formats

Team Australia
Total centuries43
Test centuries24
ODI centuries18
T-20 centuries1
Source: ESPNCricinfo
David Warner Centuries
David Warner

Talk of aggression and Warner is the name that pops up. Hitting a debut century in the Test, Warner made a variety of records in the long format. He became the first Aussie to score a century before lunch on the first day of a Test match. While he is also credited for the feat of smashing hundreds in both the innings of a Test match. His maiden ODI century came in 2012 and after three years he posted the highest individual Aussie score of 178 in a World Cup tournament. 

The former Australian skipper has six personal totals over the 150-run mark. Pakistan has suffered Warner’s fury on most of the occasions. Even his career-best of 179 was scored against Pakistan. With this, Warner maintains the 11th rank for the lashing most centuries in all formats. 

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Watch David Warner’s best century

10. AB de Villiers

Details of 10th highest number of centuries

Team South Africa
Total centuries47
Test centuries22
ODI centuries25
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Ab de Villiers Centuries
Centuries by Ab de Villiers

At number 10 for scoring most centuries in all formats is Mr. 360 – AB de Villiers. His 278 not out against Pakistan is considered the second-highest individual score by a South African in Test cricket. In 2017, de Villiers reached the fourth-highest number of centuries in Tests for South Africa. Former South African skipper had actually started on a moderate speed of cricketing as he scored his maiden ODI century two years after debut. Later on, his technique took off and changed the whole pace and understanding of ODI cricket. 

In 2015, AB recorded a godly fastest century off just 31 balls against West Indies. In the same match, he posted the fastest fifty in ODI cricket which came off 16 deliveries. Spectators, opponents, commentators, and his own team witnessed what is possibly the greatest ODI innings of modern-day cricket. AB’s superman-ly magnificence puts him at number 10 for scoring most hundreds in international cricket.

Watch AB de Villiers’ best century

9. Rahul Dravid

Details of 9th highest number of centuries

Team India
Total centuries48
Test centuries36
ODI centuries12
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Rahul Dravid Centuries
Centuries by Rahul Dravid

BBC once called out a gentleman player for “fending off the fiercest, the fastest and the wiliest of bowlers around the world.” It was none other than the Wall – Rahul Dravid. Probably the best Indian Test cricketer, Dravid repeated incredible feats of scoring centuries in both the innings of a Test match. In the 2001 match against Australia, where he batted on a follow-on, Dravid along with VVS Laxman led India to victory with a phenomenal 180-run partnership. He eventually became the first cricketer to score centuries against all Test-playing nations. 

In ODIs, Dravid made a career-best of 153 and once led India to its 2nd highest ODI grand total at the time. An invincible opponent and an inspiring personality, Dravid ranks 9th for clipping most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Rahul Dravid hit 109 vs West Indies

8. Brian Lara

Details of 8th highest number of centuries

Team West Indies
Total centuries53
Test centuries34
ODI centuries19
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Science fiction movie
Centuries by Brian Lara

The only cricketer to have smashed 400 runs in a single Test innings is the legendary Brian Lara. Constantly at war with the Ashes teams (England & Australia), Brian played a key role in establishing Windies’ dominance over world cricket. His 153 against Australia in 1999 was considered the second-best Test innings of all time by the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack in 2001. After that, he went to second Sir Don Bradman’s double centuries, on different occasions. 

With 34 Test centuries, Lara ranked equal to Gavaskar and Kallis. In ODI matches, he made a career-best of 169 against Sri Lanka in 1995. In the short format cricketer, former Windies captain posted 150+ on three occasions. He retired with 19 ODI centuries to his credit, making the 8th batsman scoring most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Brian Lara’s best century

7. Mahela Jayawardene

Details of 7th highest number of centuries

Team Sri Lanka
Total centuries54
Test centuries34
ODI centuries20
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Mahela Jayawardene Centuries
Centuries by Mahela Jayawardene

The leading lion of the Sri Lankans held superior responsibilities for his team and delivered an incredible performance at every stop. Jayawardene made his test debut in what was the world’s highest-scoring Test match. Against India in 1997, Sri Lankans posted an unforgettable target of 952. However, Jayawardene’s Test century came a year later in 1998, against New Zealand. Thereon, only high scoring records paved his way. In 2006, Jayawardene with his compatriot Sangakara made the world’s greatest Test partnership of 624 runs. Throughout his career, Jayawardene scored 7 double centuries and 34 centuries in Test cricket. 

Jayawardene shone in ODI as well as T20s. His remarkable performance in the World Cups, scoring the sixth century in the tournament, built a formidable image of the high order batman. Jayawardene is known for being the first centurion to lose a World Cup Final. With this, Jayawardene ranks 7th for smashing most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Mahela Jayawardene’s best century

6. Hashim Amla

Details of 6th highest number of centuries

Team South Africa
Total centuries55
Test centuries28
ODI centuries27
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Hashim Amla Centuries
Centuries by Hashim Amla

In his 15-year career, Amla helped the Proteas to stand victorious on several occasions as he went to open the batting innings. Former England skipper Geoffrey Boycott once praised him saying, “he plays the same way at the start of his innings as he does at the end of it.” And Alma’s career lay evidence of this compliment. His maiden Test century came in 2006 against New Zealand. Soon, he started to bat so marvelously that he became the only South African to score a triple hundred in international cricket. England remained his greatest nemesis and he blatantly thrashed the English attack. 

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As for ODI, he always stood in top rankings. He scored his career-best of 159 against Ireland in 2015. In T20 International, he almost made a century but was sadly dismissed at 97. With this, Amla maintains the 6th position for smacking most centuries in cricket. 

Watch Hashim Amla hit 119 vs New Zealand

5. Jacques Kallis

Details of 5th highest number of centuries

Team South Africa
Total centuries62
Test centuries45
ODI centuries17
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Jacques Kallis Centuries
Centuries by Jacques Kallis

Often referred to as the greatest cricketer ever, Kallis is the best all-rounder of all time. Surpassing every batsman in South Africa, Kallis stands with 45 Test centuries and 17 ODI centuries. Debuting against England back in 1995, Kallis kick-started an amazing cricketing career. Within two years, he scored his maiden century against the fearsome bowling attack of the Aussies. Kallis made a stunning feat in the 2003-04 series against West Indies, where he knocked a century in each of the four matches. He stands second to Sir Don Bradman for securing five consecutive Test centuries. 

In ODI, Kallis managed to hit his maiden century against the Kiwis in 1998. He made his career-best against West Indies scoring a spectacular 139. Kallis once maintained a strike rate over 100 while scoring a century in a World Cup match. All these bewildering achievements place Kallis in the 5th position for clobbering most hundreds in international cricket. 

Watch Jacques Kallis hit 107 vs England ODI 2003

4. Kumar Sangakkara

Details of 4th highest number of centuries

Team Sri Lanka
Total centuries63
Test centuries38
ODI centuries25
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Kumar Sangakkara Centuries
Kumar Sangakkara

Cricket writer Peter Roebuck recalls former Sri Lankan skipper as “among the most polished and prudent of batsmen.” Batting at the top-order, Sangakkara led his team from the forefront. Major trophies showcase his cricketing prowess and he always appeared in the top rankings. Securing his maiden century in 2001, Sangakara laid the foundation of a prodigious batting technique. Firm grip, strong feet, and clean placements were the hallmarks of his batting. His career-best of 319 in Test came in 2014 against Bangladesh. 

Sangakkara’s ODI performance was considered ordinary from the start. The captaincy pressure took a toll on him. As a captain, he could only score a single century. Anyhow, his long career helped him to amass a total of 25 centuries, making him the fastest Sri Lankan to reach 10,000 runs. Taking note of his meticulous performance, Sangakkara stands at the high rank of number 4 for scoring most centuries in cricket. 

Watch Kumar Sangakkara’s best century

3. Virat Kohli

Details of 3rd highest number of centuries

Team India
Total centuries70
Test centuries27
ODI centuries43
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Virat Kohli Centuries
Number of Centuties by Virat Kohli in all formats

Nobody can match the run-scoring proficiency of King Kohli in modern-day cricket. Scoring his maiden century in 2009 at the Eden Gardens, Kohli announced his arrival in international cricket. Soon he became the world’s greatest run chaser after the 86-ball 133 not out against Sri Lanka in 2012. The same year he scored his ODI best of 183 against Pakistan. When his Indian fans felt the captaincy pressure would slow him down, he bounced back like no other cricketer ever before. Since 2013, Kohli has amassed the second-highest number of ODI centuries (43) which is second to the 45 ODI centuries by Sachin Tendulkar. 

Kohli’s Test performance became polished after the 2014-15 Border-Gavaskar Trophy. Here, he became the fourth Indian to score centuries in both the innings of a Test match. In 2016, Kohli achieved the feat of scoring more than three double centuries in a calendar year. His T20 best score stands at 94, very close to a century. At the mere age of 31, Kohli has achieved what several cricketing legends have failed to. The captain of the Indian cricket team ranks third for scoring most centuries in cricket. 

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Watch Virat Kohli’s best century

2. Ricky Ponting

Details of 2nd highest number of centuries

Team Australia
Total centuries71
Test centuries41
ODI centuries30
T-20 centuries
Source: ESPNCricinfo
Ricky Ponting Centuries
Centuries by Ricky Ponting

Former skipper of the imperious Australian team, Ponting batted as fabulously as he led his team. He made his maiden century against the Ashes rival England in 1997. After six years, Ponting posted his career-best of 257 against India at the holy ground of MCG. Most of his centuries were smashed off his willow in home matches. On three brilliant occasions, he managed to score centuries in both innings of a Yes match. Nonetheless, he well reminisces for his 2006 feat where he secured seven centuries in a single year.

Ponting built up his ODI performance by smashing centuries against every team in the world with permanent ODI status. His highest ODI score of 164 came in a phenomenal match against South Africa in 2006. He managed to amass five World Cup centuries which is a record in itself. He neared a T20I century with 98 runs but soon retired in 2009. Ponting unforgettable masterstrokes still inspire millions of cricketers worldwide. His great knocks put him second for getting most centuries in cricket.

Watch Ricky Ponting’s best century

1. Sachin Tendulkar

Details of highest number of centuries

Team India
Total centuries100
Test centuries51
ODI centuries49
T-20 centuries--
Source: ESPNCricinfo
most centuries in cricket
Most centuries in cricket: Sachin Tendulkar

The man who needs no introduction is the God of cricket – Sachin Tendulkar. A year after his international debut, Sachin knocked on his maiden Test century against England in 1990. He scored a century at least on a single ground of every test playing nation in the world, except Zimbabwe. Sachin secured his Test career-best of 248 runs in 2004 against Bangladesh. By 2010, he surpassed Lara’s 19-time 150+ score in Test cricket. 

Master Blaster’s ODI career proved to be even more fantastic. His maiden ODI century came in 1989 against the formidable Aussie bowling attack. Within two decades he became the record maker and breaker of the fifty-fifty format. In 2010, he was the first batsman in the world to score a double century in ODI cricket. Interestingly, during his peak batting period, he was dismissed eighteen times between 90 and 99. 

In March 2012, Sachin became the only batsman ever to score 100 hundred in international cricket. Therefore, he is famed as the cricketer who has truly scored the most centuries in international cricket. 

Watch Sachin Tendulkar’s best century

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pakistani player has the most centuries?

Former Pakistani captain and middle-order batsman Younis Khan scored the most number of centuries – 41 in total. He holds a distinct record of scoring a century in all 11 countries that have hosted Test matches. Clearly, when it comes to Test cricket, he stands as the top Pakistani centurion of all time. In 2010, his contribution to the sport was recognized and the Pride of Performance award was bestowed upon him.

Who has scored most centuries in cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar has hit the most centuries in cricket. In 2012, he scored his career’s 100th century against Bangladesh. Out of the hundred centuries, Sachin scored 51 centuries in Test matches while scoring 49 centuries in ODI matches. Some of his most unforgettable centuries include – Sachin’s first ever century against England at Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester in 1990; the Desert Storm at Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium – 143 against Australia in 1997-98 Coca Cola Cup and his double century against Sour Africa in 2010 and more.

Who has hit 6 sixes in an over?

A few legendary players like Garfield Sobers, Ravi Shashtri, Herschelle Gibbs and Yuvraj Singh have hit 6 sixes in an over. Sir Garfield Sobers hit the first historic six sixes on August 31, 1968 in a first-class match. This feat was repeated by Shashtri in January 1985, and by Gibbs & Yuvi in as recent as 2007.

How many times has Sachin got out on 99?

Sachin got out on 99 in three different occasions in ODI cricket. First was against South Africa at Belfast on 26th June, 2007; second was against vs England at Bristol on 24th August 2007; and third was against Pakistan at Mohali on 8th November 2007. So, you can say, year 2007 was not very good to the God of cricket.

Who hit Yuvraj for 5 sixes?

English batsman Dimitri Mascarenhas had hit Yuvraj for 5 consecutive sixes in an ODI match. Nicknamed Dimi, the former England all-rounder was tricky medium pacer and a hard hitter. He holds the record for most runs in an over in a One Day International for England, with 30, scored off Yuvraj Singh on 5 September 2007, at The Oval, London. 

Who has hit the longest six in the world?

Former Pakistani skipper and star batsman Shahid Afridi smashed the longest six (158 m) against South Africa in 2013. Afridi also holds many records such as fastest century in ODI, most sixes in International Cricket. No wonder, many people remark him as the King of Sixes, boasting the highest Strike Rate and the most number of sixes in ODI Cricket.

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