This Girl Makes Upto Rs 10 Lakh/Month With Her Instagram & Blog – Self Made-Girl is a Motivation for all of us

You do not need a fancy degree or a well-experienced resume to make it. Though only a few have fully achieved and made their life worthwhile with this mantra, you can do it. Here’s an influencer with over 710k followers on Instagram, 66,580 followers on twitter and 172k subscribers on youtube. Aashna Shroff is a self-made Fashion Blogger, who made it, without a huge degree and first-hand experience in fashion. Her blog The Snob Journal is one of the biggest blogs on the internet and you wouldn’t believe the money she makes off of it.

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Aashna’s Journey

This Blogger has kept her personal life very lowkey. Aashna Shroff born on 4th August 1993 is a 27-year-old from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Her parents got a divorce early in their marriage. She lived with her aunt and mother for quite a while. Aashna is not particularly new to this kind of industry, her mother was a model and used to work in Bollywood. She saw her mother striving and working hard for the family.

Aashna understood the responsibilities she had to take on, fairly early in life. She worked in Euro Kids (pre-school) and went on to complete her course in Early-child education. After getting certified she studied interior designing. After seeing her mom work she wanted to become a set designer and did a course on photography too.

Growing up Aashna was quite introvert, she gained confidence through her career experiences. She is now bold and beautiful.

Aashna started her career by making an online portal for “The Snob Shop” in 2013. She joined twitter in 2009. She opened her own YouTube channel “The Snob Journal in 2013.

After opening her online shop, She put in her savings into importing Clothes and Accessories from China. She played around with the clothes and posted them on her Instagram. In fact, She hadn’t even given Blogging a second thought, but some customers nudged her to start a Blog and she did. Her mother was first against the idea of her blogging, she wanted Aashna to completely focus on her online store. But, Aashna managed to balance both blogging and the store perfectly. The first few months were rough and she didn’t really earn enough.

Aashna-The most engaging influencer 2019

Aashna is now ranked #1 in the most Engaging Influencer of 2019 in the Cosmopolitan. She had paid brand deals with companies like NYKAA, Estee Lauder, etc. She also collaborated with Maybelline.

Aashna also spoke in a TED TALK about her journey.

Watch “A degree does not dictate your destiny” |Aashna Shroff | TEDxBITSPilani

A degree does not dictate your destiny | Aashna Shroff | TEDxBITSPilani

Motivation and Career Selection

Her aunt suffered from Down Syndrome while her mother, a single parent was making ends meet. There was a time when the family had only Rs. 1500 to survive. Her early goal was to be a pre-school teacher. Eventually, she realized the job was not for her. She took a break and tried to figure out what she really wanted. Deep down she knew it was fashion that really gave her joy. Even while being a teacher, she put a lot of thought into what she wore. After opening an online store she found people asking her to blog. When she went into blogging, she had no clue as to how to go about it. She had no degree, mentor or experience. But she worked hard to make it happen.

Basics: What is Blogging?

A blog is an online journal or a website presenting the information. It is a platform for writers to share their thoughts and ideas. Blogging can be for a range of things from business to personal projects. You can make your blog popular by studying the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) to increase your reach.

When in a business, you have to find new ways to present your products to your present customers and your potential customers. In today’s world, you need a blog to make yourself visible and searchable.

The main objective of a blog is to create a connection with your readers, which will make them want to come for more. The more you post, the more you’ll be searchable.

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has something to share. People are eager to read stories that they can relate to. Blogs allow a blogger to talk about various topics and expressing themselves. The topics can vary from social issues like human rights and environmental issues to makeup, fashion, poetry, and quotes. For Aashna Shroff, It was Makeup and Fashion. She was passionate enough to start a blog and give out constant good quality information to her viewers.

How are Bloggers Paid?

Yes, Bloggers get paid. Aashna is one of the highest-earning Bloggers on the Platform at the moment. As mentioned before, to monetize your blog you need to build an audience by posting regular quality content. Companies will not approach Bloggers until they’ve gained some recognition of their own. Here are the following ways you can Monetize your blog

  1. Selling your space for ads on your blog through Google AdSense.
  2. Selling your own products.
  3. Giving out memberships for exclusive content.
  4. Using your blog as a marketing platform for your business.

Aashna has made a name for herself, and brands knock on her doorstep. Companies approach her, and if she likes the offer she accepts the deal through her manager. She plans shoots and content. In fact, her manager is her aunt. Aashna is not good at negotiation, she leaves this task to her aunt. Initially, the blog had a tough time starting. She wasn’t making the money her store was making. However, she was positive. She stuck to Blogging and selling her products. Her first paid collaboration with an actual company was with India Circus. She was offered Rs. 5000 for on a blog post and a few Instagram posts. Aashna’s current net worth is $0.5 million. Her monthly income is somewhere between 8lakh – 10 lakh.

How can you make your own Blog?

WordPress is one of the most popular Blogging platforms. It is totally free and the account set up is extremely easy. is another website that allows its users to create free accounts and publish posts. Aashna talks about the competition in the field. She says that there isn’t a lot of competition for established bloggers, because they’ve found their niche and are comfortable there. But new bloggers, in particular, have a lot of competition. Aashna advises newbies to post regular content, to be unique and active. One’s blog has to reflect their personality. While starting out focus on creating an impact on the reader’s mind, brands will follow along soon enough. Short bursts on energy won’t work in this field. You need constant ideas to sustain your blog and keep your readers interested.

“Blogging isn’t as easy as it seems”: Aashna Shroff

In an interview with TLJ, Aashna Shroff gave out some pretty good advice and shared her journey with us.

Aashna was very active on Instagram (@aashanshroff) and loves experimenting with her style, she always posted about it. Sh considered The Snob Journal (Blog) an extension of her personal style, she shares her take on beauty, fashion, and travel. She reveals that she doesn’t really have a set style of blogging. She writes whatever she feels. When asked about what attracted people to her blog, she didn’t have a proper answer. She guessed that maybe her readers found her relatable or they just love her style. She adds that she doesn’t see herself stop blogging anytime soon. A blogger whom she really looks up to is InTheFrow.

Aashna talks about one thing, which everyone thinks is the best thing about being a blogger is the free stuff. She smiles and answers that Yes, everyone loves free stuff, but there is only so much free stuff one can sustain on. “Blogging isn’t as easy as it seems” she adds, “You need to put thought into every single thing you put up. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into one picture.”

She usually posts once or twice a week and sometimes more, even after so many years into the job she tries hard to be active. She shares an important tip, Be patient. success never comes easy. keep working hard and don’t give up.

“It wasn’t a smooth journey”: Aashna Shroff

In another interview, she talks about her journey
She considers herself really lucky to have started logging when it wasn’t popular in India. She didn’t really have a lot of competition. But even after Bloggers increasing in numbers, many people do not know what blogging actually is. It wasn’t a smooth journey for Aashna. She talked about her failures, and how she turned them into lessons. Aashna tried out multiple professions before landing on blogging. She did a photography course, interior designing, and even pre-school teaching. She realized none of these things was her calling and she navigated herself to blogging.

Aashna has been a book-lover since forever, she loves reading books and loves writing. But, she doesn’t complicate her writing, she uses simple words and finds writing therapeutic. Talking about the pros and cons of her profession she reveals that doing what she loves, working from home is a pro. She is grateful to be able to travel and get exposure to the newest fashion trends. But, her biggest pro is her readers. On the contrary, she says that she feels that her life is awfully public. people find it really easy to sit behind a screen and comment. There is a lot of hate you receive. But, everything good in life comes along with something bad. It’s a part of life, and she usually overlooks the negative side of it, because there is a lot of positivity to focus on.

She advises everyone to be their beautiful selves and do not think about what others say.

Visit Aashna’s blog and you’ll surely be inspired. Because Aashna always says “Good things for those who wait

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