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On International Men’s Day Let’s ask Will You come to rescue a Man being discriminated?

Today is International Men’s day. I know many of you are hearing of this day for the first time in your life. Isn’t it? In the world where we talk of equality, sometimes we ignore the good, men do! Sometimes, we just walk past the most wonderful things they do just because some of them have spread cruelty in the world. #NotallMen are the same! When you see the men around you doing something great, just stop and appreciate! Because believe it or not, no matter how many times we talk of equality, we subject men to our prejudiced thoughts. It’s almost like, without even talking to a man in front of her, we will form opinions in our eyes. That should not be the case. So, let’s see what a man has to say about how he feels every day of this life.

All the views expressed in this article are personal and subjective. So keep calm and Wish Happy Men’s day to all the amazing men out there 😀

Is discrimination against men real? How can you help it?

Yes, totally I think the discrimination against men is real. All the good things men do, don’t leave a great impact as the act of women does. It’s sad that we are still living in a society where men are blamed for all the wrongs while women are appreciated for all the good work. There are so many day-to-day incidents happening which proves this point. For example, a man going to the women’s washroom by mistake is his bad intention while a woman going to the men’s washroom is by mistake.


Men being discriminated?

If any bad happens to women, men are quickly blamed. We all are aware of the fact that there is all over reservation for women in every work field and the advantages are given to the women and the men are taught to be rough and tough and keep struggling and work harder to achieve their goals in life. Also in a country like India, there is a lot of mental, social, and physiological stress on men which is not even given a thought how men are struggling to make their life and their family in a better situation.

Do we Treat both parents equally?

There are various disadvantages for men like, just because they are male they don’t get their child custody in divorce cases. Fathers are supposed to be rock solid and handle everything without being able to express their emotions. This is what it has been for long. We take them as our protectors and not as an emotional being. There are so many extra responsibilities on men which are overlooked thinking that’s just his work, the burden keeps increasing on them. We neglect how important equality of gender is.

Need for men to speak up

Confused Men

It’s funny how in society many organizations for women fight for gender equality and at the same time asking for special reservations special advantages for women. There is so much irony in society that people think they are doing some great work giving women the upper hand in things forgetting even there are men who are tackling some of the same situations as women. It is obviously the topic of much controversy. Because you will see there are hundreds of organizations running for women all over the world but what about men? Who is going to take responsibility for what is happening with men? No one really cares about this cause. It is a shame living in the 21st century and still no one throwing light at the important issues.

Men being discriminated: Do we really consider Gender Equality?

Gender Inequality

For sure the whole society is responsible for this. How they have been pointing out men for everything that they do? The irony is that a woman’s wrong deeds are taken lightly. Really, are we still living in that world which talks about gender equality? I really think the change is going to start from where we will be changing. Organizations should really come up to help men to talk about what they face in their daily life. How hard is it for them to tackle all this alone within themselves.

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Why not #metoo for men?

Also, awareness should be created amongst men about how important it is to come up and talk about their problems. Men are less expressive about what they are going through in their life. They should be told to come up and express what they are facing. It’s high time we speak for actual gender equality. Why #metoo is for women? Why men keep mum about the incidences which shake them up?

Men being discriminated? Some change is taking place

Well, in the end, I would mention that when Section 497 was scrapped by the Supreme Court, I was totally enticed. Finally, we are serving men and women equally. The small steps can bring large changes in society. Let me ask you, would you stand up for a man if he speaks up?

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