25+ Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas sorted by IMDB Ratings with where to watch Online Links

Today I bring you a list of the best Korean Romantic comedy movies and dramas that I’ve ever watched. Korean Romantic comedies are one of the most popular genres among k-drama lovers. There’s just something about the way the Koreans film their romantic comedies, it flutters your heart and gives you butterflies in your stomach. It makes you smile like a fool and fantasize about what your romance would look like. Will it be as magical and romantic as your favorite Korean actors and actresses? Probably not. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between the romance portrayed in these movies and dramas and what happens in real life. So just for the sake of letting your imagination run wild, you need to watch these hilarious Korean rom-com movies that will melt your heart and make you crave more of the genre.

Here are the 25+ Best Romantic Korean Dramas you must watch with IMDB Ratings rated from best to the least. By the way, you can click on the link in the list and reach your favorite show and binge-watch! Isn’t it super cool? Also, the list is frequently updated so that you can always come back to a new addition to it. Let’s go 😀

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Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas
Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas. Image by God of Small Thing

1. Crash Landing on You (2019-2020)

Cast: Hyun Bin, Seo Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Ji-Hye, Bang Eun-ji, Jun Gook-hwan, Jang Hye-jin, Kim Sun-young, and Nam Kyung-eup

IMDB Ratings: 8.8/10

Crash Landing on You K Drama

When I say a perfect blend of romance, friendship, comedy, and family it is this Korean romantic comedy-drama named Crash Landing on You. It checks all the points on the list for me Drama? Romance? Comedy? Unique Plot? Engaging characters? check, it has it all! This amusing drama will pull in from the very beginning. It all starts with our female protagonist Yoon Se-ri, a businesswoman who has everything except the love of her family. She decides to test out a product by herself, paragliding equipment, she gets caught up in an unexpected tornado and gets isolated in North Korea.

She is quickly presumed dead by everyone back home but is actually well and alive in the arms of a North Korean army captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok. However, his team takes it upon themselves to get her home safely. The members of his troop include a bunch of hilarious guys that up the comedy level of the entire show. They gradually fall in love with each other and it is truly a very amusing relationship they form. Everything from the acting and the entire cast to the script and directing everything here is next to perfect! A great dramatic love story with its ups and downs, this is a must-watch Korean romantic comedy-drama!

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2. Mr Queen

Cast- Shin Hye-Sun, ‎Bae Jong-ok, Kim Tae-woo, Yoo Young-jae

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas Mr Queen
Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas: Mr Queen

Jang Bong-Hwan is a free-spirited person who works as a chef at the President’s Blue House. His spirit finds its way into the body of Queen Kim So-Yong in the Joseph period. King Cheoljong has secrets. He is a figurehead, who is gentle and easygoing. He is someone who hides his strong aspects. Queen Sunwon is the late King Sunjo’s wife. She wields the true power in the country and, thus, relegates King Cheoljong as just a figurehead. What makes this series interesting is to unfold the trail of events on how he manages in the palace and lives according to the traditions but with bad royal etiquettes during that time. Watch this interesting romantic comedy Korean drama to know more.

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3. A Business Proposal

Cast- Kim Sejeong, Ahn Hyo-Seop, Seol in-ah

IMDB Rating: 8.7/10

Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas A Business Proposal
Best Romantic Comedy K-Dramas: A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal is a South Korean romantic comedy television series based on the webtoon of the same name by HaeHwa. Ha-ri goes on a blind date pretending to be her best friend for a hefty cash payment – but she’s in shock to realize her date is actually the new CEO of her company. The plan was to have Hari get rejected by her prospective partner. However, things keep on taking interesting turns one after another. Tae-moo, who is being pressured by his grandfather Kang Da-goo, the chairman of Go Food’s parent company, to go on blind dates with suitable marriage partners, decides to marry his blind date partner to avoid going on the rest of the dates, without knowing she is the fake Jin Young-seo or that she is his employee, which she assiduously tries to hide. However, Ha-ri’s fake identity, but thankfully not her employment status, is soon exposed. Watch this amazingly interesting web series to know more.

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4. Descendants of the Sun

Cast- Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, Kim Ji-wo

IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10

Descendants of the Sun
Descendants of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun, popular as DOTS, is a 2016 hit drama that makes people fall in love again. Si-jin, a captain of the special forces, and a doctor, Kang Mo-Yeon, had a brief encounter at a hospital before being mobilized on the same overseas peacekeeping mission. This Korean romantic drama comes with a message that falling in love may be easy, but keeping the relationship going with the conflicting nature of their jobs is something the couple has to overcome together. It is a love story between Captain Yoo Shi Jin, Korean Special Forces, and Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, a surgeon at Haesung Hospital. All of them face danger in a war-torn country.

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5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2017)

Cast: Lee Sung-Kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Jae-Yoon, Kyung Soo-jin, Cho Hye-Jung, Lee Joo-young, Choi Moo-sung, Jang Young-Nam, Oh Eui-shik, and Lee Bit-na

IMDB Ratings: 8.4/10

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

A ride to towards their dreams, a bunch of sports students in college experience hardships as they face their future in this Korean Romantic comedy-drama. Kim Bok-Joo is a talented weightlifter who is very ambitious, she hides her insecurities under a tough-looking personality. Jung Joon-Hyung is a playful talented swimmer with underlying trauma related to his past. Both Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung have big dreams to make it big in their fields, but their insecurities and past hold them back more than anything. When Joon-Hyung’s brother Jung Jae-Yi and his ex-girlfriend Song Shi-ho come into the picture things get seemingly complicated. While Bok-Joo develops a crush on his brother and Shi-ho is back in Joon-Hyung’s life, the three students go through tough times. Running towards their goals with strong determination Bok-Joo and Joon-Hyung fall in love, but finding their way through the obstacles is the real challenge they’ll face.

The adorable chemistry between the protagonists is incredible, they make every scene hilarious. Their interactions are too good to miss, the acting was top-notch. This drama tries to portray the actual hardships athletes face while majoring in huge universities. A guaranteed stress-with a great plot and excellent execution, the quality of this series is quite high and has many things to offer!

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6. Master’s Sun (2013)

Cast: Gong Hyo-jin, So Ji-sub, Seo In-guk, Kim Yoo-ri, Han Bo-reum, Hwang Sun-hee, Kim Mi-kyun, and Lee jong-won

IMDB Ratings: 8.3/10

Master's Sun Romantic Comedy Korean Drama

Master’s Sun is a very very popular Korean romantic comedy-drama that has captured hearts all around the globe. About a woman named Tae Gong-shil who sees dead people after she met with an accident a few years ago. She is sick and tired of her life, horrifying ghosts always come to her for help and she can’t have any time for herself. But, her turns takes a 180 when she meets Joo Joong-won, a cold and distant CEO of a major conglomerate. Their lives collide when Gong-shil discovers that the ghosts she always saw disappear when she touches Joong-won. For the first time in years, Gong-shil feels at peace when there isn’t a ghost pestering her every minute. He allows her to stay by his side on a few conditions. As they uncover a mystery they get closer and soon Joong-won is totally head over heels for her.

An incredible drama with top-notch romance, a hint of horror and comedy with romantic cliffhangers at the end of every episode that will get you addicted and binging the entire show in one night. You will want nothing more than the protagonists to fall in love and for Gong-shil to get the peace she requires. You will literally root for her to get the peace of mind she deserves, you won’t be able to resist being drawn towards the leads. They have spectacular chemistry and acting skills. This drama definitely tops the charts for me. This might be one of the most romantic shows of all time?

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7. Coffee Prince (2007)

Cast: Yoo Eun-hye, Gong-yoo, Lee Sun-kyun, Chae Jung-an, Lee Eon, Kim Dong-wook, Kim Jae-wook, Kim Chang-wan, and Kim Young-ok.

IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10

Coffee Prince Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

A Korean Romantic comedy-drama that is considered a classic among Korean drama fans. This hilarious story revolves around Han Gyul, who is perceived as a typical rich playboy but we later see a softer and adorable side of this ‘playboy’ he desperately wants to be. Go Eun-chan is the breadwinner of her family since she was 16, so when she gets a chance at a job she lies about her gender and pretends to be a boy. She works multiple different part-time jobs to earn for her family who is very kind-natured and stubbornly independent. When Han Gyul starts to have feelings for a ‘boy’ he goes through a turmoil about his sexuality. A hilarious drama that will steal your hearts!

This 17-episode Korean romantic comedy-drama is a hilarious show that will take you on an absolute roller-coaster of emotions. However, with a ton of complex relationships, the characters show genuine emotions that melt hearts. A compelling story, intriguing characters, incredible acting by the cast, an amazing soundtrack, and a generally well-rounded show. You’ll love it, trust me!

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8. Strong Girl Bong-Soon (2017)

Cast: Park Bo-young, Park Hyung-sik, Ji Soo, Ahn Woo-yeon, Park Bo-mi, Jeon Seok-ho, Seol In-ha, Im Won-hee, Kim Won-hae, and Jang Mi-kwan

IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10

Strong Girl Bong-Soon Romantic Comedy Korean

A cute Korean romantic comedy-drama that has a mix of a few genres, from action and mystery to romance and comedy. A hilarious tale about a young woman named Do Bong-soon who is born with superhuman strength that runs in the women of her family from generations. The show starts off with a bang when she comes across a bunch of goons that troubled some people, she unintentionally ends up hurting them really bad while Min-hyuk watches her fight in awe. The first scenes itself really set the mood of the whole show, comedy gags with the protagonists. Ahn Min-hyuk is the spoiled but kind-hearted CEO of a massive gaming company that wants Bong-soon to work as his bodyguard after seeing her in action.

He is interested in her from the very beginning but Bong-soon has her eyes on her childhood best friend Guk-doo, a stoic police officer who likes innocent girls. Bong-soon tries hard to fit into the “innocent girl who needs saving” type in front of him but really is herself in front of Min-hyuk. We see their romance build through the season as Min-hyuk teaches her to control her powers by training her. A highly entertaining romantic comedy-drama that will make you smile at all times. It does include a sub-plot of a series of serial kidnappings in her neighborhood, Guk-do follows and works on solving it. Overall, the protagonists have incredible chemistry that creates hilariously cute circumstances. It will make your heart melt 100%

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9. Fight For My Way (2017)

Cast: Park Seo-Joon, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong, Song Ha-Yoon, Son Byong-ho, Kim Ye-ryeong, Jeon Bae-soo, Pyo Ye-jin, and Lee Elijah

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10

Fight For My Way Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Another slice of life romantic comedy-drama that follows the story of 4 adults who live hard to survive and reach their dreams. Ko Dong-man is a former taekwondo player who was quite famous, but he quit after an unfortunate match and hasn’t turned back ever since. He makes his living by working in a pest extermination company. His best friend, Choi Ae-ra is a talented woman who dreams to be an announcer, she feels invincible with a mic in her hands. But, in reality, she works at an information desk in a departmental store. Kim Joo-man is the smart one of the group who dreams of having success in his field and earns enough money to live comfortably with his girlfriend. Baek Seol-hee, Joo man’s girlfriend is an innocent woman who is in love with Joo-man, he is the center of her universe.

While these four underdogs fight for their dreams Ae-ra and Don-man fall in love. A very entertaining drama with an incredibly talented cast that plays their role really well. We see them running towards that seems impossible, but we never see them lose hope. The protagonists, again, have amazing chemistry and great comedic timing, they deliver witty lines with perfect expressions that will definitely make you laugh. However, this drama dabbles into the emotional territory when their goals seem impossible and their relationships strain due to certain circumstances. An incredible Korean romantic comedy-drama that will lift your spirits and get you motivated!

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10. Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

Cast: Jun Ji-Hyun, Lee Min-ho, Lee Hee-Joon, Shin Hye-sun, Shin Won-ho, Lee Ji-hoon, Na Young-hee, Hwang Shin-Hye, and Sung Dong-il

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10

Legend of the Blue Sea Comedy K-Dramas

An iconic and extremely popular Korean romantic-comedy-drama starring two huge Hallyu stars Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-Hyun. This drama is inspired by an actual classical Joseon legend. Based loosely on unofficial historical stories of a fisherman and a mermaid. Centering the lives of Heo Joon-Jae, a rich con-man, and a mermaid named Shim Cheong. The plot shifts between the Joseon era incarnations of the pair and their present ones drawing parallels of fate that brings them together. Joon-Jae turns into a con-man after his parents’ divorce, so while on a mission to con a rich woman he finds a mysterious woman that breaks into his ocean-side apartment. Shim Cheong sweeps up to his shore to his oceanside resort and ends up at his place. Their past is quite complicated and I will not explain anything major to avoid spoilers.

In 1598, the governor Dam Ryung stays in an inn owned by Mr. Yang. One night, Yang shows up with a captured mermaid by his side. Dam Ryung releases her into the ocean. But, just before she swims back into the ocean, they hold hands for a short moment. These very moments intertwine their fates much deeper than they thought. A very interesting plot with hilarious scenes played by Shim Cheong who knows nothing about life on land, her curiosity is hilarious and leaves one rolling on the floor. Their chemistry is insanely good and their romance is adorable. Everything about one of the best Korean romantic dramas is perfect.

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11. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? (2018)

Cast: Park Seo-Joon, Park Min-Young, Lee Tae-Hwan, Kim Byeong-ok, Kim Hye-ok, Kang Ki-Young, and Hwang Chang-sung

IMDB Ratings: 8.1/10

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Comedy K-Dramas

A Korean romantic comedy-drama that has one of the highest ratings of all time for Korean cable tv! Fun fact: It is based on a novel this drama took over the world with millions of viewers on streaming sites like DramaCool and Viki Rakuten worldwide! This hilarious plot revolves around a young and handsome Vice Chairman of a massive corporation and his secretary Kim Mi-so. Lee Young-Joon is a narcissistic man that is quite self-absorbed and sits on a pedestal he made for himself. He barely has any friends and never gets involved with anyone else’s life. When his secretary Mi-so announces that she will be leaving the company after spending the past 9 years as his secretary Young-Joon is unsettled. For years she adjusted herself to his every little habit and made his life her own but her sudden leave leaves him in utter confusion.

He tries and guesses the reasons that she might want to leave but his guesses are wildly wrong. Young-Joon realizes that he feels incomplete without her presence. He didn’t understand if it was work-related or something personal. But, that is something he has to figure out for himself. He does everything to keep her with him but, Mi-So finds his attempts desperate and hilarious. However, something connects them long before 9 years the long nine years they spent together. A hilarious romantic comedy-drama with some dark trauma that both the protagonists deal with together. The leads have a very natural romance that feels very light but the plot thickens as the show progresses. I binged the entire series, trust me, once you start you will find yourself asking for more.

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12. My Sassy Girl (2001)

Cast: Jun Ji-hyun, Cha Tae-hyun, Kim In-moon, Song Ok-sook, Han Jin-hee, Yang Geum-seok

IMDB Ratings: 8/10

My Sassy Girl Romantic Comedy Korean

Starring the ultimate Hallyu Star Jun Ji-Hyun, this is one of the highest-grossing Korean romantic comedy movies of all time. This is the movie that rose Ji-Hyun to fame in the early stages of her career. Interestingly enough, this story is based on a series of true stories posting by a man named Ho-sik about his relationship with his girlfriend. A young man named Kyun-woo meets an unnamed drunk girl standing a little too close to the metro tracks, he pulls her back to save her. The story kicks off when just before she passes out she calls Kyun-woo “honey”, the passengers assume that he was her boyfriend and urge him to take care of her. He carries her on his back to a hotel room and vows to heal her sorrow.

But, he gets a lot more than he expects, she is a strange sociopath, has major mood swings and her crazy antics only make him hooked on her. She enjoyed humiliating people around her but it looks like she has a soft spot of genuine affection towards Kyun-woo under all that rough exterior. A very witty comedy that makes one laugh like there’s no tomorrow. But it switches its pace in the second half of the movie where we see a vulnerable side of this ‘sassy girl’, we witness a dramatic side of the characters and watch them mature. Even though the second half is serious than the first, the comedy spread out evenly throughout the movie does it justice.

A priceless and incredible movie that effortlessly blends drama, romance, and comedy into a perfect cinematic experience. An eccentric movie with eccentric characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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13. Fated To Love You (2014)

Cast: Jang Hyuk, Jang Na-ra, VChoi Jin-hyuk, Wang Ji-won, Park Won-sook, Choi Dae-chul, Choi Woo-shik, Na Young0hee, Song Ok-sook, Park hee-von, and Han Kyu.

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10

Fated To Love You Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

A very hilarious Korean Romantic comedy-drama that equally emotional, it’s more like laughing through tears sometimes. (A.k.a You are my destiny)A romance between Lee Gun a successor to a huge corporation who can be cold and prickly to everyone around him and Kim Mi-Young a secretary at his firm. These two polar opposites cross paths one eventful night through a series of a comedy of errors. After being individually being drugged, they end up in the same room and spending a night together. Mi-young later finds out that she was pregnant with Lee Gun’s baby. Despite his cold nature, Lee Gun ends up genuinely caring for Mi-young and their baby. After this accidentally one-night stand, Mi-Young’s life changes indefinitely.

This drama has many factors that make it a drama worthy of this list, A very addictive drama that will pull you in as soon as you start it. With a very light and happy soundtrack combined with a very capable cast, this drama really makes it one of the best Romantic dramas. The funny pace of the first half was good but as we slowly enter the second half it becomes emotional for a while before pulling back to the original mood of the story. However, the best part about this drama is Jang Hyuk playing Lee Gun with his maniacal laugh and expressive and playful eyes and Jang Na-ra playing a simple character and turning into a complex one with her acting skills. You’ll enjoy this drama to the fullest!

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14. Suspicious Partner (2017)

Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Nam Ji-hyun, Choi Tae-joon, Kwon Nara, Lee Deok-hwa, Hwang Chan-sung, and Kim Ye-won

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10


This suspense Korean romantic-comedy-drama, also known as Love In Trouble, is a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and suspense. Revolving around the lives of Noh Ji-Wook and Eun Bong-hee, two prosecutors who meet in unfortunate circumstances. This Korean romantic comedy-drama was a total stress reliever that had me rolling on the floor. In the very beginning, both of them meet in a hilarious situation that leads to a question of whether they spent the night together while they were drunk. However, they cross paths again as lawyers. Bong-hee gets falsely accused of murdering her ex-boyfriend and Ji-Wook loses his job defending her in court. But he trusts that Bong-hee is innocent. He opens up a new firm with a few capable lawyers including Bong-hee and works on finding the psychopathic murderer who was on a homicidal rampage.

It’s a fast-paced drama with quirky and hilarious characters and a fantastic supporting cast, the show hardly misses a chance to entertain. The writers did a great job of blending crime and romance-comedy, two opposite genres, together in a perfect way. Nothing really felt out of place. The hilariously cute chemistry between Bong-hee and Ji-Wook took the drama to the next level for me. The suspenseful and the creepy acting we get from the antagonist, the murderer did a great job making his actor unlikable. If you hate an antagonist, they did a great job playing the role. All in all, everything about this romantic k-drama is absolutely perfect and it has everything I wanted.

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15. Oh My Venus (2015)

Cast: So Ji-sub, Shin Min-a, Jung Gyu-Woon, Yoo In-young, Sung Hoon, Henry Lau, Jung Hye-sung, Jin Kyung, Jo Eun-Ji, Choi Jin-ho, and Lee Seung-ho

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Oh My Venus Comedy K-Dramas

One of the best Korean Romantic comedy-dramas, Oh My Venus is one of the first drama I ever watched. About John Kim, a personal trainer runs back to Korean after a scandal with a famous Hollywood actress. On is way back, he saves a woman named Kang Joo-Eun after she passes out on the flight. Both of them meet in several other situations in the future where he saves Joo-Eun from pitiful circumstances. Joo-Eun was once beautiful, famous for her looks and perfect body, but after being an overworked lawyer for years, she gains a lot of weight and is no more considered ‘pretty’. After losing her 15-year old relationship with her boyfriend she asks John Kim to be her personal trainer and help her lose weight in return of not revealing his identity and whereabouts.

As they work on Joo-Eun’s transformation they develop feelings towards each and heal each other’s wounds and fall in love. This drama has a special place in my heart for its hilarious comedy blended with really good acting and plot. A very refreshing drama that doesn’t involve any kind of surgery or fast transformations. It is a slow journey to get back to her desired state after eating healthy and exercising. The chemistry between the leads is incredible, Joo-Eun is a lively and cheerful character that counteracts John’s passive personality. A very good balance between excitement, passion, comedy, and decency. However, Not once did the show condone fat-shaming that I was worried about, but it makes the lead lovable in both her sizes.

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16. Her Private Life (2019)

Cast: Park Min-young, Kim Jae-wook, Ahn Bo-hyun, Jung Jae-won, Maeng Sang-hoon, Kim Mi-kyung, Kim Sun-young, Kim Bo-ra, and Im Ji-kyu

IMDB Ratings: 7.8/10

Her Private Life Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

This next Korean romantic comedy-drama is the most relatable in some ways. Of course, not to the level of obsession the protagonist feels, but close enough. Her Private Life surrounds the life of Sung Deok-mi, a talented chief curator at an art museum. She is dedicated to her work and loves her job, but there is one thing she loves more. Deok-mi is an ultimate fangirl of White ocean’s Cha Si-an, a member of a boy group. She runs a famous fan site named “Shi-an is My Life” in her free time. Meanwhile, Ryan Gold is an artist who develops the Stendhal syndrome after retiring. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, Deok-mi’s boss at the museum gets investigated for embezzlement and Ryan becomes the new Art Director.

Every fan dreams of the situation she gets in, Chi-an adores a fan site named “Shi-an is My Life”. But, after rumors break out claiming that Shi-an is allegedly dating Deok-mi, she receives multiple threats from various fans. Ryan suggests that to ward off all rumors he and Deok-mi and pretend to date. However, all plans get ruined when another rival fansite named Sindy manages to land a job at Deok-mi’s museum to prove that Ryan and Deok-mi weren’t dating. This show has incredible chemistry between the protagonists and the plot is quite unique and interesting. The OTP is the spotlight! Every scene with Ryan and Deok-mi always made me smile and it was quite romantic! We slowly see Ryan falling in love with her and watch this extremely adorable relationship blossom.

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17. Touch Your Heart (2019)

Cast: Yoo In-na, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Sang-woo, Son Sung-Yoon, Oh Jung-Se, Shim Hyung-Tak, Park Kyung-Hye, Lee Jun-hyeok, and Oh Eui-shik

IMDB Ratings: 7.6/10

Touch Your Heart Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

This is another light Korean romantic comedy-drama with a cute love story and hilarious interactions between the protagonists. The main story revolves around a top actress Oh Jin-shim, a huge actress who hits rock bottom for two years. Without a job after her boyfriend’s drug scandal, her career was damaged. But, determined to get the role in an upcoming TV series she joins a law firm to gain experience. However, Kwon Jung-rok is a workaholic elite lawyer at the firm who cares about his work and the reputation of his firm. She joins as his secretary when she lacks basic skills such as transferring a phone call. So, it is extremely hilarious to see them bicker. Jin-shim’s bubbly personality and Jung-rok’s calm one really builds a great foundation for the show.

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The funny supporting characters are always fun to see, the cute and pleasant characters really make it a fun watch. The protagonists are already loved among Korean drama fans, so putting them together in a romantic comedy was a home-run. Yoo In-na’s character is extremely likable and you can’t help but root for and Dong-Wook’s character, even he is stone-cold at first, he loosens up around her and it is adorable! Sure, the show goes off on case-related tangents because he is a lawyer after all, but we always center back to what matters, the romance. A 10/10 for sure, you will really enjoy this Korean romantic comedy-drama for sure!

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18. My Little Bride (2004)

Cast: Moon Geun-young, Kim Rae-won, Park Jin-woo, Shin Se-Kyung, Ahn Sun-young, Kim Bo-Kyung, Kim In-moon, Song Ki-Yoon, and Sunwoo Eun-sook

IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10

My Little Bride Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

Next up I have a Korean romantic comedy-drama that is sweet despite its controversial subject. About Seo Bo-Eun, a 16-year old high school student who constantly worries about her grades and has a little crush on her school’s baseball player, Jungwoo. Out of nowhere her grandfather asks her to marry Sang-min a college. Her grandfather reveals a pact he made with Sang-min’s grandfather, arranging their marriage long before both of them were even born. Her grandfather has a strong influence, so despite the opposition of both Bo-eun and Sang-min, they are forced to carry out his pre-arranged arrange marriage.

She refuses to hold up the marriage and lives a double life at her school and dates her crush, pretending to not be married. All goes well until Sang-min becomes an art student-teacher at her school and both work towards keeping this marriage a secret. However, they fall for each other while protecting this secret between them. With a rollercoaster-like relationship, they try their best to live separate lives, but they end up in front of each other anyway. This Korean romantic comedy-drama does have its cliche tropes, and it is certainly not a very original plot, but the cast is excellent. The humor and romance are just right and make it a very entertaining watch.

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19. My Secret Romance (2017)

Cast: Sung Hoon, Song Ji-eun, Kim Jae-young, Jung Da-sol, Lee Kan-hee, Kim Jong-goo, Nam Ki-ae, Joo Sang-hyuk, and Kim Jae-Young

IMDB Ratings: 7.1/10

My Secret Romance Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

A very cute Korean Romantic comedy-drama that really caught my eye as soon as I saw the trailer. A love story built upon pure coincidental interactions that sets a foundation for their romance. Jin-Wook was a spoiled brat that gets exiled to one of his father’s resorts for yet another scandal, meanwhile, Yoo-mi is a dietitian in making who is tired of her boring life. They meet at the resort when Yoo-mi meets him at a marriage. When they end up spending the night together and Yoo-mi leaves in the morning Jin-woo gets frustrated.

Flash-forward three years, Yoo-mi becomes a successful nutritionist while Jin-woo focuses on work and is ready to take over his dad’s company. She refuses to recognize him and he is set on making her remember the time they spent together. An adorable romance that grows between two people who deny accepting their feelings because of their own fears. A girl that he couldn’t forget and a one-night stand she buries deep down. The small acts of love with both of them being vulnerable towards each other, this is an equally hilarious and romantic drama that you will want to binge away.

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20. Spellbound (2011)

Cast: Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki, Park Chul-min, Kim Hyun-sook, Lee Mi-do, Yoon Ji-min, Lee Hyun-jin, Hwang Seung-eon, and Uhm Tae-goo.

IMDB Ratings: 6.9/10

Spellbound Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

Next up I have for you a horror Korean romantic-comedy movie! A slowly blossoming romance between a rising magician and a woman who can apparently see ghosts. Yeo-ri has been able to see ghosts for as she has lived when Ma Joo-goo spots her in the crowd while performing his magic he is intrigued. She looks troubled and never smiled throughout. He approaches her and asks to join him for his magic shows. They succeed and have hit shows overnight and Jo-goo becomes a famous magician. Almost a year into working together, he discovers her real side and they spend time together and develop a good friendship.

Yeo-ri lives a solitary life with almost no friends, so Jo-goo makes many attempts to find Yeo-ri a boyfriend but somewhere along the way they develop feelings for each other despite the problems they face. The way the characters bond despite the creepy circumstances is kinda cute. They nail their characters, I couldn’t imagine any other actors playing these roles any better. They perfectly show us their awkward but sweet romance slowing turning into something comforting. The creepy elements of the story really compliment their relationship, the dialogues, plot, and screenplay, everything was a successful bullseye. I can see how this Korean Romantic comedy movie really secures a place in romantic comedy lovers.

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21. On Your Wedding Day (2018)

Cast: Park Bo-young, Kim Young-kwang, Kang Ki-young, Ko Kyu-pil, Jang Sung-bum, Cha Yup, Seo Eun-soo, and Bae Hae-sun.

IMDB Ratings: 6.9/10

200 Pound Beauty Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

One of the most anticipated movies of 2018 for me, this Korean romantic comedy movie did not disappoint. Woo-Yeon is a PE teacher at a high school, he finds a wedding invitation card sent by a woman Hwan Seung-he. This triggers a series of flashbacks, It’s 2005 and Woo-Yeon was punished for getting into a fight earlier that day, that’s when he meets a new student, Hwan Seung-hee. She gets all the attention in the school for being the new ‘it’ girl and she hates it. They end up spending time together and developing feelings for each other. But, two loose contact when Seung-hee moves away. They meet each other on various occasions but unfortunately, circumstances always kept them apart. Woo-Yeon’s love for Seung-hee never fades but the situation turns her love for him into hate.

This is an incredible movie that proves that love is all about timing, two people, no matter how in love they are can never get together if the circumstances are against it. A very relatable and convincing plot with characters feeling realistic and raw. They have their own shortcomings but one comes to love the characters and sympathize with them as they go through tough times. But, all the emotional scenes are evenly balanced out with light-hearted moments and comedic reliefs that make this movie a very sweet romantic comedy. Commendable actors that portray an array of emotions from joy and tears to suffering and love.

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22. 200 Pound Beauty (2006)

Cast: Kim Ah-joong, Joo Jin-mo, Sung Dong-il, Kim Hyun-sook, Im Hyun-sik, Lee Han-wi, Ji Seo-yun, and Park No-shik

IMDB Ratings: 6.8/10

200 Pound Beauty Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

This next Korean Romantic movie is like the modern-day Cinderella story. Revolving around Han-na, overweight and extremely talented singer who provides her stunning vocals to a pretty but tone-deaf pop star who can’t carry a tune. After a cruel incident, she is determined to change herself, she undergoes intensive plastic surgery. She hides from the world for a year while recovering from the changes and the extreme weight loss she experiences due to the surgery. After recovering, she returns looking beautiful and slender she becomes everything that she’s ever wanted, she creates a new identity for herself. She was no more Han-na, she is now Jenny, a Korean-American vocalist from California. She does everything in her power to get her love Sang-Jun. Along the way, she loses herself.

A very witty movie that has a very consistent flow of comedy. It is not one of those movies that will make you roll on the floor laughing, it will make you happier after watching it. Definitely, not a very serious story, but has some powerful meanings and lessons hidden in there. The protagonist did a great job while playing her roles. The writing is witty and the soundtrack is incredible! An overall balanced movie with a good cast and story that can win anyone over.

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23. Penny Pinchers (2011)

Cast: Han Ye-Seul, Song Joo-ki, Shin So-Yul, Lee Sang-yeob, Lee Jae-won, Lee Yong-Joo, Kim Dong-Hyun, Moon Se-Yoon, and Ra Mi-ran

IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10

Coffee Prince Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

A Korean romantic comedy movie about two penny pinchers, one saves because it’s her hobby and others because he has no choice. Ji-Woong is an unemployed college graduate who doesn’t pass any job interviews and lives off of an allowance his mother provides him. He is an optimist, but in reality, he has no money to afford necessities and needs to crap his dating life. He just gets evicted when his mother cuts him off. Meanwhile, Hong-sil is a very frugal woman, she’d do anything to save a penny. She walks miles to save on bus fare and even denounces anything that might cost her money. She left Church, doesn’t go to hospitals, and never dates because it will damage her bank account. Her favorite thing in the entire world is to deposit everything she saves in the bank, but the road to her goal has an obstacle.

She is required to have a separate bank account to reach her goals of accumulating ₩200 million. So she ropes Ji-woong in offering to teach her ways of penny-pinching and shows him a money-making scheme if he follows whatever she says. A really underrated movie that gradually develops their relationships from friends to lovers. Hilarious scenes that show them saving every cent and try to live life with what they have. Both Ha-neul and Joong-ki have a very natural chemistry that made them look very adorable together. I recommend you to watch this Korean rom-com movie if you want some good laughs and some subtle romance.

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24. Mood of the Day (2016)

Cast: Moon Chae-won, Yoo Yeon-Seok, Jo Jae-Yoon, Kim Seul-gi, Park Min-woo, Lee Yeon-doo, Kang Soo-jin, and Lee Un-Jung

IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10

Mood of the Day Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas

A sweet and adorable Korean romantic comedy movie with a simple story with brilliant acting and gags. About Soo-Jeong, a bubbly woman on her way to Busan to close an important advertising contract with a basketball player. In her train coach, she meets Jae-Hyeon who takes a seat next to her. He immediately starts flirting with her, however, she has been in a relationship for ten long years but she has no idea where it was heading to. Jae-Hyeon is a sports manager and an extremely talented former basketball player. He is straight-forward and tells her that he wants to spend a night with her. However, She gives into talking to him understanding that she had no other choice. Their trains malfunctions and they are forced to continue their journey in a car. They grow closer over the trip and that one-night-stand Jae-Hyeon mention doesn’t seem so crazy anymore.

Some people do find faults in the movies, but it is what it is, a simple romantic movie. A pretty light-weighted movie that is very entertaining. The protagonists literally make the movie, there was a balance between the funny and hilarious scenes. However, the relative pace was of the movie great, it never got too slow or emotionally heavy. The soundtracks and the screenplay were also pretty good, the movie felt very natural and light! If you’re looking for some laughs, nothing too emotional, this is a good choice!

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25. My Tutor Friend (2003)

Cast: Kim Ha-neul, Kwon Sang-woo, Gong Yoo, Kim Ji-woo, Baek Il-Soeb, Kim Ja-ok, Kim Hye-ok, and Oh Seung-geun

IMDB Ratings: 6.7/10

My Tutor Friend Comedy K-Dramas

One of the biggest hits of 2003, this popular Korean Romantic comedy movie is a hilarious romance between a smart college girl who gets hired to tutor a spoilt rich kid of her age. This drama is actually based on a real-life story of an English literature major and her experiences in tutoring a highschooler of the same age as hers. Choi Su-wan a 21-year-old young woman in her second year at university, meanwhile, Kim Ji-hoon, also a 21-year old, is still struggling in his senior year of high school. Su-wan comes from a poor family so she earns for herself by tutoring students, however, she is kicked out after hitting them. She gets an offer of teaching Ji-hoon just enough to pass high-school and her salary covered an entire semester of her university.

To avoid being sent away Ji-hoon needs to get at least 50% on his exams when in reality his average scores are far below. While teaching him to pass his high school test, somewhere in the middle Ji-hoon realizes his feelings for her and tries hard to express them but things keep interrupting his efforts. A fresh comedy with delightful and hilarious dialogues and great acting by the leads. Also, the addition of great choreography for the fight scenes was a pleasant surprise. The banter between the characters is always fun to watch but with a great development arc for them, the movie has a great blend of many themes.

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26. Two Faces of My Girlfriend (2007)

Cast: Bong Tae-gyu, Jung Ryeo-won, Lee Hye-eun, Shin Eun-jung, Kim In-kwon, Jin Tea-hyun, Kim Tae-su, Kim Gyeong-rae, Jang Ji-woong, and Sa-hee

IMDB Ratings: 6.6/10

Two Faces of My Girlfriend Romantic Comedy Korean

This hilarious Korean romantic comedy movie is equal parts emotional and funny. I went into this movie thinking it was a genuine romantic comedy with cheesy romance and witty comedy but you get so much more. About Gu Chang a college student in his 7th year who struggles with finding a job and lives off of allowances from his sister and takes money form his little nephew. Things really can’t get worse for him, he already leads a tragic lifestyle. He is a 30-year old who has never had a girlfriend or his first kiss! His situation seems to get better when he meets Ah Ni and falls immediately in love with her. However, nothing came easy to him, he discovers his girlfriend suffers from multiple personality disorder that makes her act aggressive one minute and sweet the next!

The sweet Ah ni is innocent and cute while the other side of her is overly wild, she drinks and cusses like a sailor. Sure, it’s hilarious and lovey-dovey but you get some seriously emotional scenes that will tear you up. That’s the definition of a proper movie, that will make you laugh and cry all way through, it was really an experience! The acting by the protagonist and the supporting cast was incredible, the casting for this Korean romantic comedy movie is a solid 10/10!

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Best Romantic Comedy K-Dramas
Best Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

Looking to try out some Bollywood flavor? Here are a few suggestions:

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27. Love Forecast (2015)

Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Moon Chae-won, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Joon-young, Go Yoon, Lizzy, Ryu Hwayoung, and Park Si-eun

Love Forecast IMDB Ratings: 6.2/10

Love Forecast Romantic Comedy K-Dramas

A Korean romantic drama about Joon-soo and Hyun-woo, who meet at a young age. Joon-soo confesses his love for Hyun-woo in school but she flat out rejects him in public. But he never gives up, he sticks by her side for 18 years and silently supports her in everything. He sits through her rough patches, drinking binges, and her breakups and supports her career as a weather girl. She is a beautiful girl who has quite a fan following, but in reality, she is a foul-mouthed girl who swore a lot. However, she takes him for granted, she falls in love with her producer who woos her at work. But, she doesn’t care that he was married, Joon-soo warns her, but she never listens. Her life unfolds as she juggles between three different relationships with three different men with totally different personalities.

Great chemistry between the protagonists, the plot is hilarious but Seung-gi as the male lead really what did it for me. He did an amazing job playing a puppy-lover, he never leaves her side no matter what. the interactions between the cast are very funny. You’d totally enjoy watching this movie, it is light-hearted and fun!

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There you have it! A complete list of the best Korean Romantic comedy movies and dramas that you can watch! I tried my best in including romantic-comedy dramas and movies mixed with different genres so there is something for everyone. I hope you found a drama or movie that piqued your interest. Have fun binging these movies and dramas, we have all the time in the world right now! Mention your favorite Korean rom-com movies in the comments down below!

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